Ubisoft Games Convention Details 2008

Ubisoft today revealed new details about coverage at the upcoming Game Convention, which is held Germany.

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Sangria3713d ago

Notice the absence of I Am Alive, but i guess the E3's trailer was just saying "Hey guys, we've just started to develop the game, isn't that great?" so there would be no demo or presentation at Leipzig.

kerwin20053713d ago

true but there are going to say something maybe later this year about I Am Alive

avacadosnorkel3712d ago

for being as big a publisher as they are I'm shocked at how many crap games they make.

The more I think about it I think, if not for Tom Clancy they would be the equivalent of KOEI.

GCO Gamer3712d ago

but you know every publisher has they downtime by they will bounce right back up just give them sometime.