IM PLAYIN Elder Scrolls Online – The Basics

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Online for a while now – though not as much as I would like; stupid work. Anyhow, from what I’ve played so far, I can definitely see myself being absorbed by the game for some time to come – so I thought that I’d write a series of articles looking at the game, and discussing the finer points of the experience. Like a rolling review, I guess.

I’m going to start with the basics; the basics being graphics, game world, and story. Over the course of further articles, I’ll move on to things like character creation, combat, crafting, questing and PvPing. The first few articles will just act as introductions, but hopefully I can share some hints, tips and pieces of advice that I have picked up whilst playing the game, as the series of articles goes on!"

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