Resistance 2 wins Gametrailer's E3 award for Best multiplayer experience

After winning the award for Best Shooter at E3, 2008 from both Gametrailers and 1up , Resistance 2 has managed to win another award for multiplayer experience

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Tmac3642d ago

But.. but.. but.. Gears of war 5 vs 5 is soo epic... but but...


Playstation Man3642d ago

Now this post could have some serious flamewars going down if we're all not careful.

I still prefer Killzone 2 to Resistance 2, but it's announcements like this that get me reconsidering my choice to either get one or the other based on Beta performance. Maybe I'll just get both, limited student budget or not.

TheColbertinator3642d ago


This is still Gametrailers!Stay Alert!Remember that Viacom has a deal with Microsoft so be cautious.

I knew Resistance 2 would be the best multiplayer anyway.You know what the girls say "bigger is better".But we gotta wait and see.

incogneato3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

lol pwnd.

There is definitely something special about Resistance 2 that makes it stand out from the rest. My faith in GameTrailers is slightly restored... only slightly.

tatotiburon3642d ago

so GT now are really professionals?? hahaha, you are a joke....well we'll see when this two great games came out. Multiplayer of Resistance 1 was bigger than Gears of War but nobody plays RFOM right now and Gears of Wars is always in the top most played games on Live.

Tmac3642d ago

Look at this jealous left wing, watch him squirm.

3642d ago
Meresin3642d ago

Funny you should say that. I've never once had trouble joining a game in Resistance. :P

socomnick3642d ago

Meresin the problem in resistance 1 was not being able to connect to a game. It was getting people to stay because of the retarded gameplay.

gambare3642d ago

funny, the most played games on live are Halo 3 and CoD4, gears don't even figure there.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

You shouldn't judge a game in its beta coding because the game is technically unfinished. The beta testers are there to find the bugs faster and for better optimizing.

tudors3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

that really only knocked the competition without even mentioning resistance.

BTW as a Xbox-360 owner I have long said that Resistance 2 is my type of multiplayer game, but what does your comment serve other than to flame? your 52 agrees show that all you had to say was 'bad Gears, bad xbox-360' and by default even if you did not mention anything about resistance you get agrees.

Why am i having a rant? well because I hear a lot of *anboys calling out all others as *anboys when really it is them.

zethos563641d ago

Gears 2 and Resistance 2 are completely different games. Your comparing a TPS with a focus on cover and small squads to an FPS with a focus on giant firefights. I'm amazed you have so many bubbles.

prunchess3641d ago

What game-play would this be now? You don't sound like you've ever played RFOM.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3642d ago

R2 is going to be bigger, better and more badass indeed !
What ? This sentence is for Gears 2 ? My bad...

KobeT243642d ago

I agree.

I was excited for Gears of War because I thought there would 16 player online or at least 12, and 4 player co-op. But then it turns out theres only 10 player online, and 2 player co-op? Not really Bigger, Badder, Better.

However im beginning to get hyped for Resistance 2. The first one was okay, but I just didnt like it as much because it was extremely hard to beat even on the easier difficulties. But now with 8 player co-op looks like ill be having fun playing Superhuman with 7 of my buds. Oh and the 60 player co-op is a nice touch.

Figboy3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

that Cliffy B. has a trademark somewhere for the term "bigger, better, and more badass," which he can throw around and use at his leisure.

Cliffy: "my underwear are certainly 'bigger, better, and more badass' than usual today!"

Marc Rein: "please stop. you're making us 30-somethings look even more sad and pathetic."

Cliffy: "yes, my master..."

boodybandit3642d ago

this article. Moderators are going to be busy.

badz1493642d ago

like really? but whatever, from what I've seen Resistance2 is going to deliver and going to be AWESOME! the scale is unmatched (at least on consoles!) from 40 they went to 60 MP and the included a separate story for 8 player co-op, that's what you can't find anywhere else! kudos to Insomniac and this will be day 1 purchase for me!

Carbide73642d ago

So much for the "unbeatable multiplayer with chainsaws" in gears,lol

Resistance 2 + killzone 2 = ultimate FPS experience on consoles

Veryangryxbot3642d ago

They gave R2 Best FPS shooter award. But even now, when it is clear without any doubt that PS3 games are vastly superior than 360 games, gametraitors still manages to secretly defend the 360.

Watch as they will give Gears..uh I mean Grays of war 1.5 the award for best THIRD person shooter.

A shooter is a shooter. I cant believe how they will go to such lengths to give an award to Greys of war when it is without any doubt clear that R2 won the fight between the two.

Pain3641d ago

Sony fanboy site........

avacadosnorkel3642d ago

60 players and an 8 player co-op with it's own separate campaign is more game than the Orange Box.