Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Gameplay Footage From Comic Con 2015

During their coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2015, Skewed and Reviewed got some gameplay footage and hands on time with Gears of War Ultimate Edition. The footage shows off the enhanced version of the game combined with the same gameplay that made the series such a success.

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Tedakin884d ago

Um.......... 12 seconds of shaking cam in a 3 minute video is Gears of War footage?

slappy508884d ago

Horrible footage but I'm really excited for this game. This is the first game I got with my xbox 360 and it just play me away the graphics and the gameplay.

slappy508884d ago

Sorry for the typo I meant "blew away" rather than play away.

Garethvk884d ago

Some did not come out well but I have more to go with a write up of our hands on. It is not easy to do it with a lifecam as when you move the camera tends to move. Game looked good and was fun, but if I am being honest, moved slower than I expected.

fanboysmackdown884d ago

How were we to know? You basically walked around and blair witched and we saw maybe 20 seconds of Gears.

Phill-Spencer884d ago

Looks dope. loved the first one. The second was already lame, didn't even finish it. Didn't even care for the others.

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