Where Does SEGA Go From Here

With Sega recently issuing an apology for betraying the trust of fans, there are a few ways that can be taken and a few routes Sega can take to show that this is real and not just lip service. I've gone through a couple of things this could mean, and now I present those finding to you!

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stonecold31253d ago

sega should launch a new console but should lauch it with the next xbox and ps5 and bring shenmue 3 out and a new virtua fighter 6 reboot sonic and crazy taxi game a new virtua cop game and sega rally out run and daytona usa game i would buy it on day one if sega do plan on getting back in the hardware race

Rebel_Scum1253d ago

The world doesn't need another console. Sega never really brought anything new/well supported to the console table hardware wise so why would we want another next-gen clone of PS4/Xbone? It would cost them too much at a lot of risk.

That said they could start with revisiting some old IP's like Daytona, Streets of Rage, Shining Force etc. and then create something new.

SegaGamer1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I think it would be very risky for SEGA to put up a console against Sony or Microsoft right now, they are too strong. Consoles in Japan aren't doing as well as they could be doing either so that would be something to think about too.

If a SEGA console was announced i would buy it without a second thought but i don't think other people would do the same. The casuals aren't going to pick up a SEGA console over a Sony or Microsoft console sadly.

I think the best thing SEGA can do right now is gain the trust of the fans back (people like me :p) and make great games like they used to do. Take it one step at a time.