Capcom confirms classic costumes in Street Fighter 5 will become available down the road

Classic costumes confirmed!

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Yi-Long1253d ago

Read: we'll be holding those back to sell as DLC 10 seconds after launch.

LOL_WUT1253d ago

If Mortal Kombat can get away with it (goro and season pass) then why can't Capcom do the same. ;)

bouzebbal1252d ago

Winners don't use drugs, but capcom definitely do.
SFV day one, but still bad move all these extra dlc of costumes soon after release.

Artemus1252d ago


So if they don't release those extra costumes soon after release but later down the road, is that ok then?

Razputin1252d ago

I was going to write the same thing.

And yes MKX and many games as well, but I paid $35 for the premium edition of Batman Arkham Knight and $24 for MKX. Both games that had disaster launches on PC.

My PC can run both maxed out so I'm getting the last laugh. And as always PC will have lower prices and better sales before console.

Capcom is putting themselves in a tight. They are not as big as Warner Bros and can't easily slip by.

People went ape... when they released Super Street Fighter with all the DLC on disk.

Furesis1252d ago

what is your point? lol

FamilyGuy1252d ago

I hate that they charge for costumes through dlc, that should only occur in free-to-play games and all others should just stop.

GearSkiN1252d ago

LOL the game is not done and Crapcom are ready for DLC! get ready for 5 more version of this game!

deadpoolio3161252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Wait wait wait...So in your tiny brain apparently its OK that MKX did it with characters and costumes and KI did it 2 seconds after launch...Yet its the end of the world if Street Fighter does it LMAO you crybabies are pathetic....

BTW Capcom has said that Street Fighter 5 is only going to have 1 version because Sony funded the game. There might be add-ons to the 1 disc version but thats it

Lord_Sloth1252d ago

Please help me out here...I can't see anything in his post that said it was okay when MKX and KI did it...

GearSkiN1252d ago

Lol @deadpoolio as you can see lord_sloth actually red my comment never did mentioned MK, KI, and for the record I'm a huge SF fan and I bought every single version of SF4 and I bought MKX never did buy the season pass coz it's dumb. I also have KI bought it once all of them in one package as a deal, so what you're saying doesn't apply.

Artemus1252d ago

DLC is not always a bad thing. Fighting games, especially Street Fighter are long term games that are meant to be played competitively for years (kinda like LoL). If not DLC then what other content delivery system do you suggest in order to add more characters, costumes or balance updates to the game down the road? Because waiting another 8 years for SF6 is really not an option.

Hoffmann1252d ago

Well, that was totally clear from the start. This game will get tons of dlc, probably dlc packs similar to Killer Instinct as well.

showtimefolks1252d ago

Dlc from Capcom is nothing new, just get the game and be happy. Than maybe a year and half later get the Game again with all the dlc

Don't pay full price twice just wait for a price drop

Toonge1252d ago

capcom already said this game is going to be a one disc buy, with expansions to come later down the road. and to be honest, i more prefer this style of dlc, atleast capcom has continued to support sf4 for 7 years with loads of content an updates unlike mk9, which received 1 kombat pack and then that was d end of it.

Kribwalker1251d ago

They supported street fighter 4 for 7 years with 5 different versions of it.

Street fighter 4
Super street fighter 4
Street fighter 4 arcade addition
Street fighter 4 3d edition
Ultra street fighter 4
And even Street Fighter 4 mobile edition

That's some serious milking right there. I wouldn't call it good DLC

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