Snake’s Voice Actor Writes Moving Farewell to Disbanding Kojima Productions: “MGS Is Immortal”

Kojima Productions has already been disbanded, and Snake’s historical Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka wrote a moving farewell to Hideo Kojima’s team on Twitter.

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MrSwankSinatra1253d ago

Konami is pretty much dead after MGSV as a traditional gaming publisher.


I don't understand how a seemingly successful company can allow this to happen.

breakpad1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

their more experienced Japanese brethren (Sega , Square,) turned back 180 to quality console games as they saw the futility of mobile games and the exploding sales of their homeland console PS4 ...still Konami is like living in another world disbanding on of the most talented teams ,cancelling uber wanted games and taking the route of sure fail

nX1253d ago

Who knows, at this point I could even imagine that Kojima himself started this. He always wanted to end MGS but Konami probably brought him back, maybe this fiasco was the only way to walk away from MGS. In any case, I'm glad he's going to finish MGS5 and hope he'll continue to make games (and not move into the movie industry).

Volkama1253d ago

What? When did Sega go back to quality console games?

breakpad1253d ago

@Volkama their next game will be as they say at least a AAA console game

Viper71252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

KOnami could at least publish the Ps2 version Suikoden in european PSN so I could finally play it.

I feel pity of Sega, they've made/published bunch of great games like Yakuza, Valkyria chronicles, Vanquish, Resonance of fate and Bayonetta among others.

Those were all great games and appreciated by many, however the sales for each of those were disappointing at best.

RumbleFish1252d ago

I don't want to defend Konami because I am a fan of the MGS series and like most gamers I was craving for that Silent Hill game, but we know how big Konami is. They have toys and pachinko and they simply don't care about AAA video games anymore. It's sad but it's a fact.

SolidStoner1252d ago

Kojima need to get MGS full rights and continue on by himself.. Im sure he will get tons of supporters!

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AnteCash1253d ago

Who cares about Konami anymore, im very excited to find out Kojimas next project.

solid_snake36561252d ago

I hope he makes a horror game. Silent hills looked promising.

3-4-51252d ago

* Konami still has Suikoden.

If they were smart, they'd bet big on Suikoden and give us a true pure Suikoden 6 for PS4/XB1/NX

Aloy-Boyfriend1253d ago

This guy and David Hayter think we are going yo care about future MGS games without Kojima...

Abriael1253d ago

I am. Games are games. Kojima is surely a genius, and I have absolute respect for him, but I definitely don't deny the possibility that someone else might make a great MGS game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1253d ago

The possibility of that is absurdly low especially considering konami will not have any writing talent after this.

showtimefolks1253d ago


That is possible but you have to understand the love that kojima puts into each mgs game. This is his baby, to others it's IP.

Konami have said that they don't make money from mgs or Atleast not that much and will be focusing on mobile platforms. So if that's the case we may not get another mgs for a long long time

The amount of stuff in mgs 5 is absurd, look at the options man. Kojima is gonna give this game a rightful goodbye

Hopefully one day either Konami comes back to its senses or they sell the IP

As sad as I am that kojima is leaving konami, I am more happy to see what he does next. He has been talking about not doing more mgs, but with fans not giving him much of a option. Now he won't have mgs so he will do what he wants

Hopefully he can finish the silent Hill project but call it something else.

DanielGearSolid1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Different ppl can make good games ofcourse.

But I'd rather it be for a different IP

let MGS be kojipro's legacy

ChrisGTR11253d ago

look at what happened with ninja gaiden series after itagaki left, .. well ninja gaiden 3 happened. im sure same fate goes for MGS franchise.

2pacalypsenow1252d ago

Rising ... I'll leave it at that

Irishguy951252d ago

Remember Rising? The Konami team Kojima left to do it ****ed it up so Kojima gave it away which breed revengeance. Konami ain't good enough/

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Xavior_Reigns1253d ago

Well it's highly unlikely but someone could come in and actually be better than Kojima. Note that I said unlikely, but you can never be certain until we see the next release. However hype will be at an all time low until proven otherwise.

FallenAngel19841253d ago

10 years of excellent service. RIP you legendary dev team.

bigboss201253d ago

Last konami game I'm buying, anything else after mgs5 they can stick it where the sun don't shine,let em milk this game if they like I'm not buying it lol

spacedelete1253d ago

will Kojima even get any money MGSV makes now he longer works there ?

timmyp531253d ago

Kojima was paid for his heading and involvement. He doesn't own the franchise. Not going to get royalties or something if they continue publishing new games.

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