Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Orders Cancelled En Masse For Amazon Customers

If you pre-ordered Mighty No. 9's Signature Edition on Amazon, you may want to see if your order has been cancelled or not as countless fans are reporting that their orders have been cancelled with no word as to why.

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TheDude79956d ago

Yep, got my email a couple of hours ago. Totally sucks, but it is what it is.

mrbojingles956d ago

A note to anyone who reports this submission for not having an image: I'm trying to add an image but everytime I do N4G gives an error so that's what there is no image ATM.

TheDude79956d ago

As you can see in the list of pending submissions, it's a known issue, they aren't flagging right now; hopefully it'll be fixed soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they did start flagging though once we can add pics. N4G has been a mess these past two weeks.

dead_pixels956d ago

No worries. Pretty sure we're all dealing with that right now.

MasterCornholio956d ago

For a moment there I thought it was an issue with my app. Thanks for confirming thats its an issue with the site.

coolbeans956d ago

Don't fret about it mrbojingles. It's a site issue they're trying to take care of right now since almost all the other pending submissions (and approved ones) have the same issue.

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SmokingMonkey956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

*sweat drips down my forehead

..I ordered a Fallout4 PipBoy from Amazon.......

ON TOPIC: I went and swapped over my Mighty no.9 pre order to SFV Yesterday, since I ordered a Mighty No.9 Sig ed from

The clerk at the Gamestop (Seattle Area) said they had Sig. Editions for pre order. FYI and good luck.

TheDude79956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

I can tolerate the loss of this Mighty No. 9 CE....but if Amazon F's with my Pipboy Edition, this WILL become a post-apocalyptic world! You can screw with Mighty No. 9, just don't F with Fallout 4.

@SmokingMonkey below

Calmer than you are

SmokingMonkey956d ago

That would be very un-Dude.

TheNew1956d ago

A lot of special editions this year, and they're getting better. I think Black Ops 3 have the best one tho.

GoldenAxe007956d ago

Here is an update from Amazon's twitter saying it's NOT cancelled: