The Expositor Review: Civilization Revolution

Expositor Writes: "While much has changed since Civilization III, thankfully the game is still turn-based and the underlying strategic nature of the game play remains mostly intact. You still need to choose the optimal terrain to harvest the resources you need to develop your cities, you still have to make important decisions -- such as funding and developing the right technologies, and building the right structures to support economic growth and a fertile population.

Battle is just as fun and rewarding as it was in the original game from 1991, but now it looks great, too. The type of terrain, the units you choose to develop and their position on the map can all have a massive effect on the outcome of battle, as does the implementation of key technologies. It's always fun to face an opponent's legion of 16th century pikemen with a freshly minted division of mechanized Sherman tanks.

Graphically, there's much to appreciate in Civilization Revolution. The new look developed just for consoles is very easy on the eyes; with an isometric 3-D take on the action viewed from an overhead perspective. The highly stylized character art and detailed environments have an accessible look to them with some great incidental animations, while the highly legible font and well-written content is both informative and easy to understand for beginners."

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