Hi-Def Games Income Could Outstrip Blu-Ray Movies in Three Years, According to Industry Leader

eMediaWIre Reports: "The recent avalanche of movie studio quality titles at the E3 and upcoming Comincon conventions have shown that Hollywood no longer owns a lock on preteens, with games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto and even retro-oriented Mario Brothers can earn as much as any blockbuster movie, according to industry figures and industry pundit Erick Hansen.

Since the sea change since industry leader Warner Bros' support of Blu-ray over rival HD-DVD format, all assumed it would be PS3's world, since it plays PS3 film and games.

In fact, Hansen assumes that the richness of graphics, speed of processor and massive storage (from 25GB to 50GB depending on double sided) -- and up to 400GB in near future -- are what is required from many of the new generations of games -- unless you want to change disks every number of scenes.

Which is why he strongly believes Microsoft's Xbox decision not to go with a Blu-ray drive will hurt it seriously as major game developers from need more graphics, options for players and video back-story."

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DFresh3646d ago

Doubt it.
Games and movies will be all the same to Sony more money in their pockets.
As the consumer begins to switch to HD more movies will be Blu-ray only and just like the way of the VHS to the DVD people will switch to the better format just like that in a snap.
This can also be a huge benefit to Sony in the long run with attracting people to their PS3 Console.
Games and movies speak for itself w/ the PS3 & Blu-ray.

SmokingMonkey3646d ago

dvd9 is very last gen, like disc swapping.
Bluray or a standard Hard drive (in EVERY console) is essential for next gen gaming

if you want proof: the nextxbox720 (phoenix)GAMES will either be on;
Blu-Ray discs (best option)
Hard Drive (PC option)
or a new Disc (like HD-DVD was RIP)

don't get upset SS and 3rd place, the future is BLU XD

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The story is too old to be commented.