Resident Evil Zeros Evolution From N64 To HD Remaster

Did you know Resident Evil Zero was originally supposed to be a Nintendo 64 game? Halfway through development, Capcom canned the N64 version, which was due in 2000, and started work on the GameCube version that came out in 2002. You can see some of the earliest footage in the video above, which follows Resident Evil Zero's evolution from prototype to HD remaster.

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timmyp531226d ago

actually looks really tempting

ironcrow23861226d ago

N64?? Im quite sure res zero was gamecube!! Nice bit of pedanticism (and that is a word) for ya there 😝😝

jreeves821226d ago

If you were to even READ the article it states that resident evil zero was originally being made for n64 and then was scrapped half way through for the gamecube.And that is FACT not pedanticism.

ironcrow23861226d ago

I was in fact gona edit my comment to that effect but thought damage had already been done and also i just couldn't be bothered 😂😂

vallencer1226d ago

Hell, you don't even have to read the article. You can read the paragraph they give you before you even click on the full story link.

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

I see your not as huge as a RE fan as you think bud.

RE Zero was originally going to be a N64 game, then moved over to Gamecube.

ironcrow23861226d ago

Technically your right, i enjoy the resi games but frankly i can take em or leave em :)

Lukejrl1226d ago

For a n64 game those graphics were pretty great