Devil's Third Dev Bashes Rumors by Saying "World Brims Over with Lies"

So Devil's Third may not be published by Nintendo. Or maybe it is, who knows anymore.

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LOL_WUT1227d ago

You know its bad when Nintendo, the company who funded Devils Third wont even publish the game in North America. Are they not confident enough in thier own product? Or are they trying to give us the finger for bad hardware sales?

I wish Nintendo would focus more on the North American market just like how Sony does instead of putting us last ;)

RPGrinder1227d ago

1) What games are sony releasing or publishing this year on Vita or PS4? They focus on software? Barely anything?

2) Nintendo is publishing around 15 games this year in America? yet they do not focus on america? That is more than any single publisher.

N4g_null1227d ago

Problem solved they have a publisher. Also remember that E3 kickstarted. Why wait on greatness when sony can make you fund it thur kickstarter and paid online.

Spotie1226d ago

What are you even saying? Do you enjoy being so off base that even you don't understand what you said?

N4g_null1226d ago

Your right spotie nintendo should start a kickstarter to release this game in America since you guys think it sony doing it is such a good idea.... these are your fellow fans spotie... not my problem lol.

rainslacker1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

So you're saying in lieu of not playing a particular game, we shouldn't be OK with showing our support if a developer, or publishing house, asks for people to put their money where their mouth is? What's wrong with showing support early if there is reasonable expectation for delivery? I mean...what's wrong with us giving OUR MONEY to get something WE WANT if it's the only way to make it happen?

Lets face many people over the years clamor for PRACTICALLY EVERY GAME game to get a localized release...or sequel, and when publishers finally give in, the game does crap in sales because that base was small, or just decided that they wanted something else when the time came?

What other way is there to show publishers we're serious about games when we almost every single game has people begging for sequels or localizations? A petition? Yeah ok...because everyone who signs will definitely buy the game...and then those petitions get maybe 10-20K signatures if they're lucky anyhow. Heck, the Xenosaga remaster got 10K signatures and it wasn't enough to entice Namco.

These publishers have sales data to back up their reasons, and these sales numbers do not lead to investors giving publishers money to fund games. I hate to say it, but 99.99% of the time, past trends predict future results. Investors know this, and when it comes down to giving millions of dollars to a high risk venture or giving that money to a sure-thing or low risk venture with the same or likely better returns...which would you be willing to put your money into?

It's just the way it is, and to me, KS can be quite a powerful tool to show that there is a significant interest in a game, or it can show that all the hooplah is completely meaningless...just like the publisher already knew.

FullmetalRoyale1227d ago

But did he say it while wearing sunglasses?

Blink_441227d ago

I wish he would just tell us what is going on.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago

He did say that they're now taking all questions.
We should hear more about it in the near future.

rdgneoz31227d ago

So instead of clarifying things, telling people that they can ask you questions (which they won't hear the answers to any time soon) is a better idea?

They could clear things up in 1 sentence...

MSBAUSTX1227d ago

Monkey man I know you and me have been sort of allies through some of this Ninty stuff and I know that you are relatively understanding and objective. However, this Devils third thing has to be nipped in the bud and fast. After that E3 Ninty cant afford for people to now have another reason to be pissed. You know I love them, but I am even wanting answers to this. I have to agree with rdgneoz3 man. Im sorry. They could end this right now with one of two statements.

"Devils Third is comeing to Wii U and the West"


"Devils Third isnt coming to the West"

It really isnt rocket science. We shouldnt have to beg for information.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago

I do agree with you, Baust, it's just that I haven't lost hope yet, especially after the messages from the devs.

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MSBAUSTX1227d ago

I wish SOMEONE at Nintendo would tell us whats going one with something going on at Nintendo. I mean this whole cloak and daggers thinghas me about to jump of the ship dude. This crap has to stop. They need to start telling their customers what is and isnt happening because I am getting tired of this back and forth.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

So basically everyone is taking lack of clarification as an indication of the worst-case scenario, despite the dev saying much of it is just rumors and lies...

It's starting to feel like people WANT this game to fail.
I mean, most people don't even QUESTION the validity of some of these rumors.
*Sigh* -_-;;
With all the shooter fans out there, and all the people who are saying they need more games that suit their tastes before they'd get the system, you would think more people would be hopeful and encouraging to this game.

I guess Nintendo hate overrides the hope and desire of wanting a good game.

Baka-akaB1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Personally i'm just iffy about games that got nothing recent released so close to an hypothetical release windows . Hell last time a game withheld new footage and release date so close , it was Ultra SF4 on ps4 with the mediocre launch we know , and wich took another month to get fixed .

Has the date been moved or even been officially announced ? Why not just clarify stuff and put a damper on silly rumors ?

MrSwankSinatra1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

The game was going to fail if people wanted it to or not. A game like Devil's Third has almost no market on a console like the Wii U.

iTechHeads1227d ago

The game will flop whether people want it to or not.

Spotie1227d ago

That's just your own delusions about the infallibility of all things Nintendo.

There's a difference between wanting the game to fail, and looking at circumstances and surmising that this might be the case.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago

Don't speak of delusions to me when you've obviously never paid attention to all the times I've given Nintendo flack, kid.

And instead of saying it'll fail before you've supported it, how about trying to support it in the first place by picking up the game or at least spreading the word about it?

After the first year and a half of crappy ports, I've lost a lot of faith in third parties, but I'd be willing to bet I've shown them just as much, if not more, support than most of you guys have on the Wii U, despite others obviously loving many of these third party games far more than me.

Spotie1227d ago

1. Kid? lmao. That's the last resort of people losing a mature debate: call their opponent a kid.

2. I'm not saying it WILL fail. But you'd have to be a fool to look at the game's current status, its genre, other games of similar content on the Wii U, and the target audience, and NOT think the game's chances of commercial success don't look that great.

3. Why would I pick up a game for a console I'm not even keen on owning? And yes, it's stuff like this that prevents my interest from being anything more than curiosity.

4. You've always been extremely eager to lay blame at the feet of third parties, but not so ready to accept that the struggles of third parties- in both sales and quality- are Nintendo's fault as well.

Oh, yeah. How am I supposed to spread the word about this game? "Hey guys, buy this game that isn't out yet that might not come out yet cuz Nintendo doesn't have a clue."

Sounds about right...

maniacmayhem1227d ago

For a person who claims he's always being stalked you sure do follow monkeyman around a lot.

"Why would I pick up a game for a console I'm not even keen on owning?"

Then why are you in this article commenting on this game? For a person who spends most of his N4G time telling others to not comment on games or a console that person owns you sure do spend your time stalking monkeyman and talking bad about the WiiU.

"I'm not saying it WILL fail. But you'd have to be a fool to look at the game's current status, its genre, other games"

Hmmm, by that logic Shenmue 3 will fail too right? Both it's sequels also failed commercially and even a huge multi million dollar company like Sony wouldn't out right fund the game.

"You've always been extremely eager to lay blame at the feet of third parties,"

Is there a difference between him and how you always seem to lay blame on everyone and everything else related to Sony? You blame the American media for the low sales of the Vita, you blame websites for hating on everything Sony, you blamed journalists for rating The Order low.

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generalwinter1227d ago

If Nintendo isn't publishing it, the question is, why?? It looks so damn good, I would buy it for sure.

MSBAUSTX1227d ago

I agree. With the obvious fan base and people wanting to buy this game, having seen gameplay, and we know its a good person making it, why cant it happen and why arent we being told what is happening. Doesnt make sense to me. I dont want this game to be canceled at all!

rainslacker1226d ago

It's probably something as mundane as legal issues. If the game is far along into development, it's unlikely to be abandoned. Could be the dev got a better offer and is trying to get out of the deal with Nintendo, or Nintendo doesn't want certain content but the dev refuses to remove it, or any number of stupid reasons which have nothing to do with the actual game. Heck, for all we know they're trying to do some trolling to make up some scandal like what is going on over at Konami(although likely not trolling there) just to drum up interest in the game.

Crap happens all the time, and in the end, we'll likely never know the whole story until many years later...if anyone cares to remember and ask about the whole thing.

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