Worthplaying Preview - 'Tom Clancy's EndWar'

Worthplaying writes: "Endwar is set in the not-too-distant future. The United States and the European Union have developed an antinuclear weapon defense mechanism that supposedly eliminates nuclear war as a threat. However, just as this is occurring, it is also discovered that oil reserves have been drastically depleted. In the wake of the resulting war over oil, the political landscape changes. The EU becomes the European Federation, with certain groups leaving and joining the federation. The new EF, feeling threatened by the growing powers of Russia and the U.S., embarks on a new arms race, this time trying to militarize space itself. In response, the U.S. creates the Freedom Star space station, which is capable of dropping marines at any point on Earth at a moment's notice. The Freedom Star's construction is sabotaged by terrorists, and that final act of terror sparks a massive all-out war between America, Russia and the European Federation, the likes of which has never seen before, combining advanced technology, space militarization and modern warfare in what is to be the war to end all wars."

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