Halo: The Fall of Reach Gets a SDCC Trailer

EB: A new trailer for Halo: The Fall of Reach has been released today, introducing the world to the impressive animation and setting of the series.

Set around the foundation of the SPARTAN-II program, The Fall of Reach will be a three act series will take place before and after the Covenant’s attack on humanity.

The short trailer does a good job of piquing the viewer’s interest. Where the series goes, however, has yet to be seen.

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christocolus1253d ago

Nice. Looking forward to this.

4Sh0w1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Yeah I always felt like Halo's animated work and the live action stuff always did a great job of pulling you deeper into the lore.

TheHaloGuy1252d ago

Except Nightfall. The Hunters worms twisting in the air? I hate it when canon is broken without a thought.

Summons751253d ago

Is this a game or a movie? Loved the book and hated how Bungie ruin it with Reach the game. Hope this is a movie since they are working hard on Halo 5

Cobberwebb1253d ago

Animated series based on the best Halo book. Looking forward to it.

Summons751253d ago

Wonderful. Hopefully (and I don't doubt it with how devoted 343 is to Halo) it will stick 100% to the book.

Lord_Ranos1252d ago

Exactly. Halo:Reach was nothing like The Fall of Reach book.

isa_scout1252d ago

The Fall of Reach is the best videogame novel I've read. If they stick to the book this series should be awesome. This has me really excited. Is Eric Nylund(author of the novel) involved with this in any capacity?

TheHaloGuy1252d ago

Don't know. Nylund is teh best

Jide1252d ago

Looking forward to this