Batman Arkham Series: Most Memorable Moments

What is it about Batman that fascinates us so much? Is it his determination to thwart evil no matter the cost? Is it his enemies that have become as iconic as the cape crusader himself? Or is it the many ways he is reinvigorated through the decades? Batman: Arkham Knight has finally arrived and is every bit as good as anybody that loves the past titles could have hoped for.

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crazychris41241225d ago

Towards the end of Arkham City, you hear a funny conversation between thugs about not wanting to see Harley taking over for the Joker. Little things like this is what makes games great.

MegaSackman1225d ago

There's no way that something is better than Arkham City's ending.

the_hitman30001225d ago

I'd say the scarecrow moments from asylum. The ending of city. And lastly that moment with Barbara in knight. Those have to be the big ones for me.

InTheLab1224d ago

Although it was somewhat disappointing because of the Joker's death in the previous game, the final confrontation of the Knight and Batman. It pails in comparison to the video and comic version(don't Google that if you haven't completed the game).

From City, nothing beats that moment when Batman leaves the only Woman he's ever loved in a pit but carried the Joker out.

From Asylum, the car smashing into Crock. Took a few games but we finally got that Batmobile!