Madden 16 Presentation Details Announced

Madden School writes, "EA Sports announced the new presentation details that can be found in Madden NFL 16. They include things like On The Field Camera, Wirecam, Monoliths, Dynamic Feedback, Audio, and Living Worlds. Madden NFL 16 presentation director Brian Murphy details what will be found in this year’s game "

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showtimefolks1228d ago

Sounds great for madden fans but Ea still have achieved what NFL 2k5 did presentation wise

And we are 2 gens removed from 2k5

Have a pretty fame show like NFL kick off

Half time show

Post game

Big trades or signing breaking new in depth alert

Draft specials

Seriously Ea

nevin11228d ago

Shouldn't they concentrate on making a superb 11 on 11 football game 1st?

showtimefolks1227d ago

You mean like NFL 2k5?

Seriously that as the perfect game


How long is that gonna take? Madden should be the quinntisential football simulation by now plus have everything 2k had in it.

Akuma2K1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

EA is still using technology as old as the flintstones era, with all the money they've made over the years from madden after securing the license you'd think we would've seen a new game engine by now in this next gen with the PS4 and Xbox One.

I rather have an unlicensed football game that played like NFL2K5 (true game physics and blocking animations, pre-game, halftime and post game show with all the bells and whistles etc...) and not a rehashed product every year that's censored by the NFL.