Worthplaying Review - 'Arkanoid DS'

Worthplaying Writes: "The original Arkanoid was essentially the story of an escape pod called a "vaus" escaping from a mother ship that was in the midst of imploding. In a classic example of "out of the frying pan and into the fire," this plucky little pod avoided the destruction of the Arkanoid mother ship only to be warped straight into an alternate dimension of bouncing balls and bricks. Now, in Arkanoid DS, we are once again presented with a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the Arkanoid itself. I realize it's a fun word to say, but can't we at least once include it in a game named after it?

This time around, "Arkanoid" is a planet (instead of an exploding spaceship) surrounded by eight satellites, each of these piloted by a little alien being called an Ananke. Seven of these satellites get randomly sucked into an intra-dimensional vortex, leaving one Ananke to pursue the others in vaus. This is the story, such as it is, that explains why you're bouncing balls at bricks."

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