The Complete History Of Video Games

Something Awful Writes: "I tend to think that everyone who plays video games is a bitter twenty-something with horrible hair like me, but for a whole generation of kids, the Atari 2600 that many of us grew up with seems every bit as ancient as one of those phonographs that had to be cranked for twelve minutes to hear thirty seconds of Thomas Edison humming. With that in mind, a comprehensive history of the hobby we share must be preserved for future generations. Long after you and I have gone blind from years of straining to see Chun-Li's cooch and our arthritic hands are no longer able to shield us from abusive nursing home staff, our children will read this historical account and glean all that can possibly be learned about their heritage."

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Genesis53671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Here's the funny part I started gaming before the Atari. Well maybe gaming is the wrong word. I only had Pong and Coleco football. Now I'm 43 and the games sure have come a long way.

CyberSentinel3671d ago

To this day, I can't believe how far we have come.

ICUP3670d ago

Couple of old dude reminiscening the old days, sigh.

BulletToothtony3670d ago

but i did own an atari.. and i loved the cowboys game.. the one where you had to shoot that carriage in the middle or something.. lol it was hilarious...

when nes came out i thought nothing would ever beat that system..

and in reality, that console still brings the best memories to me..

i miss contra!!!

ICUP3670d ago

To be serious, the only console i own back in the day was the NES and i still have contra 1.

[email protected]! now i feel old too. :(

Bob Dole3670d ago

Jackal was Bob Dole's fav NES game.

MazzingerZ3670d ago


It feels like yestereday when I played PONG...maybe that make me(us) appreciate games in a different way...many of today's reviewers are in their mid 20's so they are too picky when it comes to graphics or other small details...their oldest reference to a great game is Zelda:Ocarina of Time or FFVII (love these games of course)...

H.E.R.O. FTW!!! =)

@Bob Dole
Loved Jackal too! Awesome one screen brother and I had lots of fun playing it

Genesis53670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

On the Atari 2600 I really liked Yars Revenge and Dark Cavern. Played those 2 a lot. I'm not old I'm a vetran gamer. I don't think I'll ever quit playing video games.

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Neonvapor3670d ago

That article sucked, if that is the complete history then that is sad...

Battlefield: Bad Company combines online action shooting with irreverant humor to create an explosive experience that revolutionizes the industry.

Really?!?! Did I miss something?

LeonSKennedy4Life3670d ago

They probably don't get out much.

MetalFreakMike3670d ago

LOL good times, good times....... Even tho anyone with a brain can tell he was making fun of video game history. Hell i would even write a story saying i know the real history about how the NES was created. Japan was run by Godzilla and some dudes were like we need something to do while his lizard thing levels everything. So they build a NES using some radio parts and some chicken wire. I guess it was better then playing russian roulette or how fast can you run and scream from the monster.

3670d ago