Valve Updates Scam Policy: Refuses to Restore Games Lost in Steam Trade Scams

Valve updates their scam policy to the point where they won't replace items scammed.

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thereapersson1252d ago

Sounds like Valve is trying to defend themselves from typical behavior that happens on PC's all the time. Kudos to them for using the law's ability and wording to their advantage, I suppose.

donthate1252d ago

I wonder how these scams happen on Steam?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1252d ago

Dumb people get trading messages and they reply with their info.or the very frequent line 'hey its your brother, what's your login info' in which case they give it before realizing they don't have a brother.

JsonHenry1252d ago

Most of the "scams" really involve just dumb people handing out their login information to complete strangers. I know it sounds stupid, and it is!, but its just a fact. I get bogus friend/trade invites from people all the time just trying to get login information. Some of the are so brazen they just ask for my login because "it would make it easier to look and see what they want". Lol, no thanks!

LostDjinn1252d ago

They're not defending themselves. They're defending the integrity of a game's balance. As stated in the article, the duplication of items decreases their value.

Greed is the cause of the problem. Why screw up a game because someone thought they could cheat the system and found out they couldn't?