Need For Speed Undercover dated, Christina Milian confirmed

Unlike NFS: Pro Street, which was heavily hyped throughout the course of 2007, the upcoming NFS: Undercover seem to trying to stay below the radar. However, it now seems EA are finally ready to start the hype-train for the game by releasing the first trailer for the title on YouTube.

In the trailer Christina Milian makes an appearance, which pretty much confirms she will be this years poster-girl for the game. Actress Maggie Q also appears in the trailer too. The trailer ends by confirming a release date for this game, Novemeber 18th.

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BBCnewsrocks3560d ago

this one better have cops and open world with damage, prostreet sucked

PR0F3TA3560d ago

Looks good actually, going back to the Most Wanted route

ktkh3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Guys, check out its website

apparently, there are items in the video that you can interact with. only found 3 so far, the rest only in a few days time. If you find new hints, then the loop becomes longer including the new hint you found

a hint, pause the camera.

Samer3053560d ago

This game better be an arcade racer and not a wanna be sim racer. I hope its like NFS Most Wanted because that was the only NFS game recently that I liked. Most wanted had it all the fast cars exotics street cars and the cops in it to and it was so fun but the series messed up again with carbon and pro street.

NRG3559d ago

Well said. I always felt Prostreet just seemed like trash next to Codemaster's GRID.

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