Halo 5 Hopes to Shock and Surprise You - Frank O'Connor

Halo 5: Guardians aims to shock and surprise players with its story, which dives into Master Chief's mysterious backstory and his convoluted relationship with a new character named Agent Locke, according to franchise development director Frank O'Connor."I think we'll have done a good job if people are shocked at the end of the game and surprised by the direction that [we] took," O'Connor said.

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MSBAUSTX1227d ago

I hope they put tons of time into the story and back story and lore. I love the large amount of back story the put in MCC and am really looking forward to experiencing this campaign. Hope its really good. Cant wait.

Septic1227d ago

Well I feel sorry for the people who haven't read the books. How are they supposed to know or feel anything about Blue team etc? The games really need to start doing a better job of telling their stories.

I'm excited as heck though. This could be epic.

FriedGoat1227d ago

Not a fan of the books. Always get the feeling the original ideas were modified to fit in with them.

MSBAUSTX1227d ago

The only book I read was onyx. I wish I read more but I honestly do not have the fortitude to read books anymore. With a kid and full time work, i am lucky I get to play games. So I am solely dependant on the story given me in the games. I know the books are good though and I have watched every extra clip and or read all the extra stuff on Halo Channel included in The Master Chief Collection. I did watch Nightfal and Forward Until Dawn. I really do love Halo man. I want this to be absolutely amazing. I plan on take some time off of work when it comes put to sit and enjoy it too.

IraqCombatVet1227d ago

I watch a lot of stuff on the Halo Channel. They mentioned that there would be a lot of banter between Blue Team that will help you to understand their stories.

There's also the animated Fall of Reach releasing as well. I haven't read the books but I definitely want to learn more about Blue Team.

Benchm4rk1227d ago


I hear ya buddy. I have 4 kids and im a full time shift worker and when i get time to myself i have to choose between playing a game or reading books or movies etc.


That animated series should be good you to catch up on the story. Ive read nearly all the novels and have read Fall Of Reach multiple times. It really is a good story. At the least you will know the back story between Blue Team.

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rebeljoe141227d ago

@MSBAUSTX Just watch some Youtube videos on the Halo stories and lore

mhunterjr1227d ago

I don't have time to read the books either... But I downloaded all of the audiobooks a few months ago, and listened to them peice by peice during the morning commute to work...
It took me a few weeks, but it was worth it... They are pretty good in their own right, but they really do flesh out the universe. halo 1-3 are still great without any knowledge of extended media... But halo4 really requires additional knowledge in order to grasp.

I too hope 343i finds a way to educate people who won't get the books,.. But everyone should get the books!

MSBAUSTX1226d ago

You know that is a fantastic idea. I hadnt thought of the audio books. I wear headphones a lot and listen to music while I work I could listen to the books. Where did you download them from?

mhunterjr1226d ago

Most of them are on YouTube... I just used an app to convert them to an audio file...
One of the kilo-five books isn't on YouTube for some reason... You get a free book if you sign up at so I got it that way...

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1227d ago
343_Guilty_Spark1227d ago

Oh it's going to be so good....I cannot wait!!!

Transporter471227d ago

It already did by removing split screen.

MSBAUSTX1227d ago

You arent one of those people that still thinks it is 2005 and want to sit and play with your buddy are you. I admit that split screen is fun. But if sacrificing it means the absolute best and stable Halo game on my XB1 then so be it.

Work some over time save some money and get another XB1 to system link or something if it is that important. Get master chief collection and play Halo split screen there because there is hundreds of hours worth of split screen goodness to enjoy there.

Im sorry and I do respect your point. But halo has become an episodic epic saga. Not just how many times we can blow each other up or we have to have someone sitting next to us to enjoy it. This game has become the experience of enjoying the story. I want that story to be deep and look as good as possible. Who knows, maybe people complain enough andthey release a DLC allowing split screen.

Hold on to hope instead of hating on something that may be amazing.

Transporter471227d ago

You do know that you can still have your "60 fps" experience while I can have split screen at "30 fps." I didn't know removing features was a good thing. Hell, Halo wouldn't be Halo without split screen, but people like you believe that it's okay to overlook this. This is a major turn off for me. I love Halo. This is unacceptable to me. It just doesn't make a sense for the developers to force me to play how they want just because they don't want to sacrifice frame rate in a mode that was never meant to run at 60 ever. I don't understand that. They basically say that we don't have a choice because they don't want to give us one.

Erik73571227d ago

Don't care what year it is...still does not beat sitting on the couch with your bro and playing it together...

Elit3Nick1227d ago

You had to be "that" guy didn't you?..

Transporter471227d ago

Sure, I had to be the guy that is not happy about something the developer removed. It's one thing to not have a feature that the franchise never had, but removing a feature is not right.

N0TaB0T1227d ago

*Yawn* How absolutely "out there" you are to bring this up. Must have been a riot with your drinking buddies for what, ten seconds?

Paytaa1227d ago

Haven't been this excited for Halo as far as the direction of the franchise and the community. More and more Halo vets are on board with Halo 5 and I'm hoping this game will have legs comparable to Halo 3. This is 343's time to shine and I have the up most faith that they can deliver the best Halo experience to date. Can't wait for the shock and awe that this game brings.

IraqCombatVet1227d ago

I'm right there with you. This is my most anticipated game this year. And that's saying something since we're getting Battlefront, Fallout 4, and Metal Gear Solid 5 coming this year.

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