OWC Announces External Storage Upgrade Kit for Xbox One

OWC has announced an easy way for Xbox One owners to expand their available storage and speed up their experience.

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Marked1228d ago

I'm going to just go ahead and make the assumption...without reading. Let the hacking begin!!!!!

NeoGamer2321228d ago


You do know that X1 has had external drive support for about a year now? All this is, is a rebranded pocket Seagate or western digital drive with instructions on how to get it running on an X1...

Kind of scary that they think they can make money with this. Given that all you have to do is plug an external USB 3.0 drive into X1, and it does the work for you.... But, hey, some people really don't know anything.

XanderZane1228d ago

Exactly. I got a 4TB Solid State HDD for $150. Why would I waste my money on their 1 and 2TB external drives? I did this over a year ago. Not sure what they mean by , "now". Gamers have been doing this for months. I can go out and buy another 4TB drive and plug it into the other USB port and have 8TB of storage. lol!!

KwietStorm1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Nothing scary about it. Business as usual. If Best Buy can have a business model for "installing" a new game system, then anything is possible.


Where the hell did you get that for only 150?

silvacrest1228d ago

@XanderZane no way in hell you got a 4TB solid state for $150, even for $300 i would call BS

k3rn3ll1228d ago

@KwietStorm @silvacrest @Xanderzane

Im assuming you guys just misunderstood what XanderZane said. He stated that he purchased a "Solid State HDD" fpr 150. Which is a hybrid SSD and HDD. Not the same as a true SSD which is what you were thinking he meant. They are two different things. A SSHD utilizes a larger than normal Cache on a HDD to increase load times. They do speed up quite a bit but aren't as fast as a true SSD upgrade would give you. They have become more common over the past couple years because companies can advertise the faster speed without having to display a much larger price tag that a normal SSD would have.

Or I could be wrong and @XanderZane really meant a SSD and just got a ridiculous fall off the back of a truck discount while wording wrong. But I think he meant SSHD

UKmilitia1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

i was just about to say that.
i dont have a xb1 yet,but didnt MSgive usb hardrive support a year ago almost and u can use pretty much any drive.
whats the point of this??

talk about being late to the party

AndrewLB1228d ago

I think you overestimate the average console player. For years they've been claiming that PC gaming is too technical and they'd rather have the hassle free push of a button that console gaming brings you. Yet you think these same people are going to realize this is nothing more than a WD or Seagate external hard drive with a price premium? haha. You're talking about the people who think DirectX 12 and the cloud are going to help the Xbone surpass PS4's GPU performance. :)

I have far less faith in humanity these days


The day you got a 4tb SSD for $150 is the day I declare consoles the superior platform.

Sandisk recently showed the public their 4tb SSD and the estimated street price is around $10,000.

Now if you were mistakenly talking about an SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive), then yea... $150 at Newegg is the ticket. And FYI, only 8gb of that drive is actual SSD.

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Dudebro901228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

"Xbox One can now upgrade their storage capacity without opening their console."

They already can....

This is by far the most useless thing ever.. .

n4rc1228d ago

No kidding.. We needed a solution when we can simply plug in any HDD we want? Lol

Can't fault them for trying I guess..

deadpoolio3161228d ago

And it will be three times as expensive...They know morons will buy it, stupid people don't think about things like they can get a regular average old external HDD.

It may be stupid to people with common sense, but there are lots of people who lack the intelligence to see things like this is a massive rip off

k3rn3ll1228d ago

Well the price tags aren't that much different that normal prices would be. Just a bit more expensive. But they are smart in the fact that making these products with labeling and advertising saying "to upgrade your xbox" will sell more in this way than just advertising a normal external hdd. Parents and technology ignorant people will jump for the product advertised as for the xbox more times not over just a WD external drive. Plus throw in those handy dandy xbox specific instructions and its a sure thing. Sigh, wish I had my own hardware company to take advantage of people like that. I'd do it every chance I got. LOL.

4Sh0w1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

lol, plug n play external 4TB HDD over here for awhile I missing something?

Clown_Syndr0me1228d ago

But I can already do that with my normal external hard drive. Is this just a way to con the unaware out of their money?

MSBAUSTX1228d ago

Yes. Oh and the impatient with that amazingly fast load time bump. A whole 10 or 30 seconds. Woohoo. Let me get my wallet. Lol

lemoncake1228d ago

Yeah it will probably con somebody.

BattleTorn1228d ago

"owners of the Xbox One can now upgrade their storage capacity without opening their console."


u4one1228d ago

isn't pretty much any usb 3 compatible external drive considered an external storage upgrade kit? i mean... how is this different than the drive i have hooked up to it right now thats working perfectly fine?

k3rn3ll1228d ago

This one is advertised and labelled specifically for upgrading your xbox one. It also has xbox specific instructions. Basically its a product for parents and technology illiterate people who don't know better. I can't hate on the company for that, because its sure to sell to that section of the market. I'd do the same thing if it was my company. Easy profits

MSBAUSTX1228d ago

No thanks. That 10 to 30 second longer load time and this cheap of an external HD are good enough for me.

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