The Disgaea Triple Play Collection Releasing On PS3 This September

NIS America has announced a new Disgaea Collection releasing this fall for PS3.

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IamTylerDurden1957d ago

Nice, i refuse to sell my last gen consoles until support shrivels to near nothingness. Worth playing for those who have not.

freshslicepizza957d ago

i might finally bite the bullet and get into these games. any idea how these games are from best to worst?

3-4-5957d ago

LOL you have to sign in to read the article.

What a crock of shey.

dead_pixels957d ago

Just noticed the backend link was selected. Reached out to a mod to get it fixed.

PurpHerbison957d ago

This would of been dope for PS4.

RiPPn957d ago

Wish it was the Vita versions of 3 and 4 as I prefer these games on the big screen and would have appreciated getting the best versions.

pivotplease957d ago

Yeah it's too bad. Missed opportunities. Kind of like the limited Gears and GoW remasters or the lack of multiplayer in the Uncharted collection or the lack of BL1 in the Borderlands collection or PS2 classics only being playable on PS3 and not at least Vita or the fact that the Kingdom Hearts series has been spread about canonically across 5 or so systems and there's still no word on an all-encompassing collection coming to new systems. I feel like I could go on about simple things that should have been done better or done period but I'd be here all day.

Ahmay957d ago

so what happened to part 1? never played any disgaea b4!

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