Stone Cold Steve Austin to Inject Attitude in WWE 2K16?

The Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin is the cover star of WWE 2K16? Does this mean all hell is about to break lose?

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warrior821226d ago

holy shit! i just hope its more than just the cover..i do think he will play a role in cant just be the cover..and 120 idea which direction they're going could be the new generation, attitude and the hulkamania era all in one. steve austin started in the new generation era as the ringmaster and it wasnt truly attitude till the montreal screwjob.

jeromeface1225d ago

They've already said there's gonna be a mode similar to beat the streak mode just involving austin instead. Not to mention JR announcing for at least vintage (showcase) mode. Hoping for a SCSA showcase that spans the high spots of his career.

EvilWay1225d ago

I wish he could put some attitude back into the WWE

NerdStalker1225d ago

So were getting the same crap as last year and all the years before it, man I used to love this game but it's so bad now. It plays horrible, they took half the create option out, the reversal system is stupid, the game used to be great until svr 2007 I think the year they moved to next gen consoles. Lazy developers fire them all.

jordan84451225d ago

I don't care who is on the cover. If Yukes is developing it, I'm not buying it.

5yb5n6u1225d ago

rumor has it that they got squareenix lining up to be the dev for next year installment and they already got plan to give roman reigns a loreal treatment in-game

deadpoolio3161225d ago

How would square develop the game with 2K having the license? Square isn't a developer they are a publisher had has nothing to do with 2K games.

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