Scientific studies show why everyone should play video games

TechU4ria writes: They make you anti-social. They damage your eyesight. They make you more violent. That's what a lot of non gamers in the past thought about video games and the people who played them.

The difference between now and then is that many scientific studies have been conducted to see if video games truly have negative effects we should worry about.

The following are some benefits that researchers are now saying video games can provide to everyone.

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3-4-51255d ago

* Well from random life observations what I've come to notice is this:

* All the people I've heard say bad things about video games, or the ones who act like they are for kids.................

^ Those are the dumbest people I know or have met.

All the actual intelligent people I know, even if they don't play games themselves, they "get/comprehend/unjdersta nd" them in an intelligent manner.

* Only complaints I've ever heard about video games have come from people I KNOW have a low IQ.

That is only my personal experience though.

Games are great for decision making and learning how to battle through adversity.

MSBAUSTX1255d ago

I agree. You cant be an idiot and be able to play Dark Souls. Also a lot of the puzzles requiring deep problem solving in some of these games are very good for your brain. It is different than mindlessly staring at the TV watching a cooking show. Lol

Ahmay1255d ago

Hey, I like to cook! lol

MSBAUSTX1255d ago


I really do too man. Im sorry. I couldnt think of anything else off the top of my head that would get the point across. My bad.

Germany71255d ago

Scientific fact, unlike "gaming journalists" saying how evil gamers are.

DanteVFenris6661255d ago

I really hate that word "scientific fact" because the premise of science is that nothing is fact and everything is towards to get evidence for a theory. things we once claimed as facts turn out to be wrong. So the correct statement is "their is scientific evidence".

NeoGamer2321255d ago

Like anything, video games should be balanced with other things.

I have played video games for close to four decades now.

I've learned that they are helpful in keeping my mind sharp and young.

But they don't really help with the physical side of life. So, you need to find ways to keep fit physically.

And on the social side I find they are mixed. Some good aspects but some bad as well.

Overall they should definitely be part of a constant process to keep your mind sharp, but you should take up hobbies that require physical work and ensure you participate with the living world socially rather than just online as well.

brando0081254d ago

I've always fired back said studies at people who tell me that games are a waste of time or bad for your intelligence. I think that gaming as a medium is slowly gaining much more respect, as newer generations are exposed to less of the old-fashion "games are for kids and too much will rot your brain" mentality.