Gadgeteer Review: iPhone Scrabble

Gadgeteer Writes: "If you're not familiar with Scrabble, it's a game where you have seven letter tiles that you use to build words on the game board. Certain letters have more points associated with them and certain game board squares enable higher scoring. To win a game, you have to create words that earn you a higher score than your opponent.

To place your tiles on the game board, you hold your finger down on a tile until it turns dark and then you can drag it up to the desired location on the game board. The game board zooms in when you're in the placement mode. The only issue I seemed to have with this method was that my fingertip made it a bit difficult to see where I was trying to place a tile.

To help you figure out what words that your tiles might be able to create, you can either press the shuffle button, shake your iPhone / Touch or use finger to rearrange tiles. You can also swap out a completely new set of times by tapping the Exchange bag in the lower Left corner. However, doing so will also cause any word entered for that round to be scored as a zero."

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