Is Burnout coming back? Criterion to reveal 'something amazing' soon

Criterion is gearing up to reveal "something amazing", according to comments made by veteran producer Pete Lake.

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Crimzon1252d ago

Yeah it does, I just hope this reveal really is a new Burnout game and not an update on that extreme sports game they showed a year or two back which looked pretty bad. We've had too many racing games focusing on realism for years now, it's about time Burnout made a return and reminded us all how fun racing games can be.

SolidStoner1252d ago

agree, but most of those realism racing games still have many issues, each theyre own.. so there is always room for one more.. :D

but yes, burnout has to be fun, with open world and great destruction! ;)

Kryptonite42O1251d ago

Agreed, Burnout is always a breath of fresh air from the realistic type. Would be nice to have another one.

I still have a bit of a bitterness toward Criterion though, with their poor take on the latest Need for Speed Most Wanted game. It wasn't anything like the original Most Wanted. No vehicle customization, no currency system to buy cars, parts, aesthetics etc. The police chases weren't as intense, and getting busted held absolutely no consequences (losing money, having your car impounded). There was no story line or narrative. Also the lack of manual shifting and only 2 optional views (behind the car, in front of the bumper) As long as they stay away from the Most Wanted Series, I'm happy.

THEDON82z11251d ago

Oh GOD,please,please bring Burnout back or at least give me Burnout Revenge remastered.... I personally just want to go online and smash people off the road just like I used to do in burnout [email protected] I miss those time's on my PS2 (specifically Burnout Revenge)!!!!!

Rookie_Monster1252d ago

And I thought Burnout Paradise BC is the big news. Maybe a new Burnout is in development. Can't wait

Crimzon1252d ago

Did Criterion mention if Burnout Revenge was being considered for Xbox backwards compatibility as well? I am seriously considering buying an Xbox One if I can check out the exclusives and have access to Burnout Paradise, Burnout Revenge, Gears of War 3 etc.

I could buy Burnout Paradise for PC right now since it's only £5 on Steam, but Criterion only released the 'Ultimate Box' edition of the game, so the DLC that came after that isn't available and never actually came to PC. Normally I wouldn't really care but the Big Surf Island DLC was amazing and it's not on PC :(

Nick_The_Slick1252d ago

I wouldn't mind a cheap remastered Revenge at 1080/60...

Xavior_Reigns1252d ago

Burnout 4 and/ or Black 2 please.

JasonKCK1252d ago

I would want Black 2 before Burnout.

Wagz221252d ago

I'm torn between which one I'd want. Black is probably one of the best looking games on ps2 but burnout is alot more fun and especially with next generation graphics and damage models...nevermind burnout haha

JasonKCK1252d ago

LOL at the disagrees for something I would want. I also want a custom chopper and more money.

Spotie1251d ago

It's disagrees because people disagree. They'd rather have Burnout first, or maybe even neither.


DeadlyFire1251d ago

:/ I prefer BLACK sequel as well. It was the best of its era for PS2/Xbx Generation for SP only destructible game.

Although the creators of Burnout have left Criterion and have started a new studio. So anything EA makes will be from the remains of the team or with EA's intent only in mind. Could be hit or big miss.

I believe Black is the game that inspired the birth of Bad Company in a way with its destructible elements.

Another idea would be if Criterion developed Bad Company 3. Considering Visceral is tied up with Star Wars. DICE has Battlefront, and Mirror's Edge on its plate. Maybe?

Although we can't forget EA did state their extreme racing game was in development at Criterion. I am thinking its a new Burnout or a new IP inspired by Burnout beyond just cars and stuff...

I look forward to the new studio guy's that created Burnout's first project as well.

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DawginTow11252d ago

For the love of Pete, just don't make it always-online like the new NFS, PLEASE!

Burnout 3 is 1 of my all time fave games, and Revenge & Paradise I hold in high regard also, so please don't ruin this franchise too :(

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