IGN: SDCC 08: Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures Teaser Eyes-on

Just when you thought the San Diego Comic-Con couldn't get any more animated, Thursday brought the announcement of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures from Telltale Games. No platforms, release dates, or other details accompanied the news, but at least we got something, right?

Well, IGN got a bit more today. At the end of a panel about episodic gaming, Telltale showed a short, entirely CG teaser for the W&G game. In it, IGN follow an egg through a breakfast-making machine. After a flashing red buzzer sounds, the egg is released by a boxing glove, it rolls through a contraption, a hammer lighting breaks it, the liquidy mess falls into a frying pan, and the treat is hurled at a waiting Wallace. Of course, the device is off a bit -- the eggs sails past the newspaper-reading Gromit and pegs Wallace in the face. Gromit rolls his eyes.

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