The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 To Be Released Next Week For PS4, Xbox One and PC

CD Project Red has revealed the release timing of the latest patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As most might have expected, it is not being released this week. Since CD Project Red are planning to release the patch simultaneously for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there won't be a new patch on any platform until next week.

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BigBosss1253d ago

That's one hell of a massive list! Dear Lord! Good to see CDPR are working hard on these updates :)

thekhurg1253d ago

Bethesda can learn a lot from CDPR and their continued support if their games post launch.

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RumbleFish1253d ago

PC gamers should not have to wait for patches, but apart from that CDPR's way of support is the way to go.

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showtimefolks1253d ago

I hope more developers follow their fans feedback closely and fix whatever is being reported. I am really hoping that Bethesda will be on top of fallout 4, I don't want them to take months to fix small issues

joab7771253d ago

I just hope I can finish the horse race in skellige b/c it's glitches and I cant get the trophy. That and the card from the scholar in white orchard. 2 things holding me from platinum.

The rest will be amazing though. The only real bad thing is that I spend half my time in the inventory screen.

nikoado1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Yes, the Zoltan card you get from the scholar will now be available under hanged man's tree like it was supposed to be. That was the only card I missed on my first playthrough, but I got it in my Death's March run.

The inventory changes and storage options are my favorite changes, I can now finally store some of the witcher gear and not have to throw away/sell all those awesome weapons!

AndrewLB1253d ago

On my second playthrough that scholar was nowhere to be found, which sucks because I didn't really have much focus on Gwent the first time around. It wasn't till I arrived in Velen that I realized the guy was not there.

As for the Horse race in skellige... what was the problem? I had one of those final races glitch, so when I crossed the finish line it didn't register me as winning the race. I loaded my most recent game and had it happen again. I then loaded the game prior to that and it worked fine.

MookaTek1253d ago

Regarding the horse race in Skellige, I have the same problem with the the Xbox One version. I think it's the last horse race I need to complete all of the horse races, but there's no one there to talk to in order to start the quest. I've tried it at several different times of day and night, and have loaded and reloaded my various saves with no success. I plan on playing this game for a few more weeks at least, so I hope they fix it by then. Not sure if I'll reinstall the whole game just for an achievement if and when they fix it.

Der_Kommandant1252d ago


Man, i don't get all the disagrees, i loved the game so much but well.. i guess people don't have sense of humor.

JackVagina1253d ago

*Fixes an issue where the Scoia’tael from Novigrad was not always available to play in the Gwent quest.*

Finally i can get my platinum trophy

FoxyGotGame1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Awesome list of fixes. Having completed main story & majority of side quests on Hard, I will definitely replay Witcher 3 on the Hardest Mode. The price of the W3 Expansion Pass makes the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass seem poor in value.

Though I've tried, it's a damn shame I can't get into Gwent. Means I'm unlikely to ever Platinum the Game. Still, looking forward to version 1.07.

JamesBroski1253d ago

Same here. But after giving Gwent another try I found it pretty fun. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that NPC always seem to get that "lucky" card that make them win even though every odds seemed on my side.

UnHoly_One1252d ago

I hate Gwent.

I'm rarely a fan of any card games inserted into games like this, though.

Never liked Caravan in New Vegas either.

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