Take a look at Developer Diary #1 for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster

Rely on Horror: "To follow up last night’s release of Resident Evil 0’s graphics comparison footage (which even included a look at the game’s prototype), Capcom has released the first developer diary for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster."

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ThePresentIsAgift1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Nice, I'll have to check at home over the wireless so that I'm not murdered by data charges haha, really stoked for this. I love classic Resi but still feel 4/5/6 have their place, admittedly wouldn't want another like 6 though.

Articuno761250d ago

Oh wow. They actually went in and redid a lot of the modelling work as well. Really nice.

With REmaster selling so well I think it's only a matter of time before a new game in the classic style comes out (think about it: Low development cost + high profit). And I can't imagine how good a modern pre-rendered RE game could look.

Unlimax1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Wooh! is it just me or does Capcom really want to give Rebbeca the exact look like the modern Ayumi Hamasaki , the lips the nose the eyes too .. yeah i think Capcom wants to simulate the modern look of Ayumi Hamasaki in this modern design considering they modeled her in the original version to be Ayumi Hamasaki too :)