Watch Resident Evil Zero’s journey from the N64 to modern platforms

Rely on Horror, K. Campbell writes: "Most Resident Evil fans know that Resident Evil Zero began as an N64 game, but few have seen it in action. Today at San Diego Comic Con, Capcom showed off some footage of the original Zero prototype."

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eddieistheillest1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I want it, now !

breakpad1167d ago

i want the prototype to be honest ...the others lack a lot from the original RE atmosphere

DualWielding1167d ago

How many cartridges would it have take for that prototype to run on N64?

AnotherProGamer1167d ago

1 like RE2 on the N64

And like RE2 on N64 they would compress the hell out of the audio and cutscenes

Bass_fisherman1167d ago

It would be cool to include the prototype in the remastered version as an little extra.

KryptoniteTail1167d ago

They should finish the N64 version too.I'd pay $60 for that alone.