Battlefield Bad Company: Dog Tag Lag

Over on the Battlefield: Bad Company blog, DICE posted about a dog tag issue some players may be experiencing.

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Kill Sarah3706d ago

i'm playin the superior version on my 360 and it's lag free
must be the POS3 version lagging =( poor droids i feel sorry 4 ya

jromao3706d ago

Who cares about online ? single player mode is loaded with "technical mistakes" and a "few" bugs, one of the worst games I played in my life, this game should never get to shops in this status, awful job.

Kill Sarah3706d ago

what ?
r u crazy ? this game is awesome !
single player and multiplayer ! this game rocks

sak5003706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Can u mention which platform are you playing on cuz on 360 the game is amazing both off and online. I played it twice on normal and vet difficulty to get more achievements. Well you woudn't know about those anyway.

Evil Rant Monkey3706d ago

<Online in this game kicks a$$, but as for single player... wow, talk about lame. Too bad there's only one online gameplay mode though. Can't believe they still haven't released conquest.)

ar3706d ago

The PS3 version works flawless for me (had some issues with online lag a while a go but they are long gone now).
Don't know which version jromao is talking about.

BattleAxe3706d ago

I think this is a good game, but they need to fix the freezing up issues on the PS3. It pisses me off that DICE hasn't even openly aknowleged this problem that alot of people have been having.

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Voozi3706d ago

Well I just bought the Gold Edition of this game, brand new factory sealed for $46 off of ebay =D so hopefully they fix it before it arrives.

Also anyone know when they're going to patch conquest in?

ASSASSYN 36o3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I got all 156 dog tags I sliced for with no lag. I also got the 1 red light of death code: E-74 on my launch system. It is dead and in pieces so time to get an Elite 360.

edwineverready3706d ago

I hope they bring out a patch for the headset issue and to bring the new game mode they promised use

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