GameTrailers: Best of E3 Awards 2008


"The GameTrailers editorial staff sifts through hundreds of games at E3 2008 to deliver nominees and winners in 27 different categories. In order to be considered for most awards the game must have been playable by the press at the show."

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Dark vader3713d ago

Gametrailers sure gave a lot of love to the ps3. With lbp killzone and resistance each winning awards. Plus motorstrom almost came close to beating pure, But that one was a close call. I would have personally went with motorstorm but i don't balme them for picking pure. So motorstorm and fat princess came up as runners up.

max-jeager3713d ago

once again LBP won most innovATIVE game,while resistance won the best FPS and online ,killzone best graphs ,and Nintnedo the most disaponting hahahahhaha

DFresh3712d ago

Sony took hella awards the only thing the xbots won was the conference.
So what it's all about the games and Sony has plenty for the PS3.