Microsoft to skip Tokyo Game Show 2015

Microsoft won’t be at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 17 to 20 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, the company announced - Gematsu

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pedrof931253d ago

Bye Bye Japan, they say.

MightyNoX1253d ago

Phil Spencer: why would I live there?

4Sh0w1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Nothing to say bye bye to, xbox has never beenn relevant in Japan yet X1 sales are ahead of 360. So if its about commercial success microsoft needs to take back the US(which is very possible) and just do better #'s in Europe (which is possible) and they will no doubt end this generation significantly better #'s than last gen...may be a 10-20mil or more gap from ps4 but so what increased success bodes well fir the brand.

Im not surprised, Japan doesnt support the console and microsoft isnt waisting too much effort to develop jrpg's and niche Japanese games (thankfully) for a country who only embraces homegrown gaming consoles anyway....just stick to getting good Japanese dev talent to make games like ReCore that will do well abroad.

itBourne1252d ago

They already have a 10 million gap, so those are lofty dreams that they will end that close. Europe is dominated by Sony, and has been in the past. That is why ps3 numbers were what they were.

But yes, MS should just give up Japan. They should focus on actually supporting the xbox one for the entire life cycle, not half of it like with both previous consoles. That is how they can post solid numbers in the end. Regardless though, even if they lose by twice as much, I think they will be just fine.

4Sh0w1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

pfft last gen microsoft tied with sony at 80mil while winning in the US/Canada and having either even sales or slightly better sales in the UK= 2 biggest markets. Sony dominated places like Spain, France, Germany and a massacre of course in Japan...the good news(for microsoft) is those areas are small by comparison, monthly sales in the US already arent far behind ps4 now with of course X1 usually doing better during the holidays so YES its simple math= better sales for X1 in the US alone could close the sales gap over these consoles lifetime to smoewhere reasonably at about 10-20mil, lol think about it outside of North America X1 essentially can't do much worst. The worst is over both consoles have launched and sure new games will spike sales here and there but its really only X1 that has no place to go but up.

Thus I think logic suggests that even though X1 is behind ps4 in the US where they led last gen and the FACT that X1 is still a marginally ahead of 360 past success within the same timframe= YES that means doing better in Euro as a whole and *IF* X1 can take back the US then yeah only a 10-20mil lead lifetime for ps4 is a reasonable estimate. Even if this happens 10-20mil lead is amazing performance by ps4 so its nothing but great news for sony either way.... however my original point remains that although its not pretty to lose big in places like Spain, mathematically and historically speaking the most important factor to X1's commercial success is winning the US market.

kneon1252d ago


Increasing xb1 sales isn't enough to close the gap, the sales have to be higher than the PS4. And not just for the last 2 months of the year, it has to average higher sales than the PS4, otherwise the gap will just continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace.

Azzanation1252d ago

Why would he want to live there? He doesn't look Japanese to me.

Silly Mammo1252d ago

Microsoft will be throwing all their weight into China! j/k

bouzebbal1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Haha what a shame. Makes no sense this is the worst xbox console ever.
Sony will be absolute king this gen in Japan. TGS is gonna be hot this year
Every market has to be treated with respect, no matter how bad the console is performing. They should just have skipped Japan this gen.

4Sh0w1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


Yes no agruement there but the gap now depending on what estimate you go with is somewhere in the area of 8-12mil right so why couldn't winning big in the US/Canada and close in UK mostly slow the pace of the gap between ps4 and X1 sales to end up at about 2Omil in the next 3-4 years which will be the normal 5-6yr life cycle. I get we are talking hypothetically so I understand if you disagree with the idea of X1 situation improving but otherwise the logic of X1 sales improving and thus the gap from month to month being minimal does correlate to sonys margin over the first 2 years growing much smaller or flat over the next 3-4. Simple math **IF** of course X1 does much better as I suggested. Anyway enough with sales its just my 2 cents on the subject.

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UKmilitia1252d ago

lets see if this turns into the dame as sony got he other day when the news broke they wouldnt be at comicon or whatever it was.

LexHazard791252d ago

At comicon or whatever it was. Lol...yeah Gamescom.

UKmilitia1252d ago

haha thats the one Gamescom.

had to many shandys when i wrote it.

fermcr1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

"Microsoft to skip Tokyo Game Show 2015"


"it appears Microsoft might be preparing its own event for Japan"

If so, then they're just throwing money away.
... Well... if they would presented exclusive JRPG's like Lost Odyssey 2, then their event would be worthwile.

christocolus1253d ago

They could bring back the XO events. Some of the best xbox announcements in the past were made at the XO events. I hope it makes a come back.

elarcadia1253d ago

Lost Odyssey 2 would make my heart so happy.

Rookie_Monster1253d ago

bummer, was really hoping they would be there for the simple fact a slim chance Lost Odyssey sequel would be announced. Of well, hoping to play Lost Odyssey 1 on XB1 again via BC this Fall. At least make that happen, MS.

christocolus1253d ago

Lost Odyssey will most likely come to Xbox one via BC,MS has stated that their 1st party titles will be brought over and im also hoping for sequels to Lost Odyssey& Blue Dragon. I hope MS gets Sakaguchi to start work on those and from the article it seems they might be planning an Xbox specific event in Japan or maybe a return of the XO event.

-Foxtrot1253d ago

If there was a LO sequel then it would do better on the PS4 to be honest.

Rookie_Monster1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Not possible as MS owns the IP. Even when you are most likely correct.

LCEvans1252d ago

How so? considering there are a so many JRPG's on the PS4 i cant see Lost Odyssey getting a lot of attention.

LexHazard791252d ago

It would do better. Only problem is PS is never getting it.

LexHazard791252d ago

@LCEvans, so a jrpg made by Sakaguchi San will get no love on PS4. Lost Odyssey would easily be one of the best jrpgs on the PS4 console. And would sell well. Thats what I believe anyway.

XanderZane1252d ago

That's never going to happen. If Microsoft wants to compete they'll need a lot more then just Lost Odyssey. They need a lot more JRPGs. Right now they don't have many. I would love to see another Tales game SEGA's Valkyria Chronicle series on the XB1 as a remastered trilogy. Right now the only JRPG's we're waiting for are FF XV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

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MasterCornholio1253d ago

I honestly don't believe that Microsoft will set up an entire conference in Japan just for one game. Once they have several Japanese titles to announce they will have a conference at TGS. However this is assuming that those developers don't use Sony or Nintendo to announce their games.

IamTylerDurden11253d ago

Or u could play it on your 360 as the bc version will be virtually identical...

Rookie_Monster1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Not virtually identical, as I can do Snap, Screenshot, DVR, broadcasting and any other newly added features for XB1 when I play it on my XB1 that I can't do on my X360 as with all my other X360 games that will be BC. :)

Besides, I don't have enough space and HDMI ports for all my systems in the entertainment unit.

UnHoly_One1252d ago

Lost Odyssey was really good, and that is coming from a guy that basically got sick of and quit playing JRPG's 15 years ago.

I'm not even sure what made me try that one, but it turned out to be amazing.

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TwoForce1253d ago

Well, damn. That's not good.

DonkeyDoner1253d ago

because after gamescom they have nothing to announce anymore so why bother

christocolus1253d ago

How do you know they have nothing else to announce after Gamescom? Did MS tell you that?

LexHazard791252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Did you say samething when Sony said they wouldnt have a conference at Gamescom? What, did they show all their games at E3?

XanderZane1252d ago

They will be at the Paris conference show with Sony. So maybe the DO have something else to show.

FoxyGotGame1253d ago

Sony skips Gamescom, Microsoft skips Tokyo Game Show ...2015 has been a pretty interesting year for Gaming.

I have interests in both Camps, so both shows are important for me /

Septic1253d ago

MS has skipped TGS before and its not exactly surprising considering how abysmal the sales of the console are there.

Sony skipping Gamescom was more surprising for me though. But they have their own event in Paris I guess.

aceitman1253d ago

ms has also skipped gamescom and Tokyo the same year before . but sony got a lot of slack for doing it , even though paris is still in Europe .

4Sh0w1252d ago

aceitman are you suggesting that Microsoft didnt get the same criticism for not going to Gamescom/TGS= yes they did, I mean basically it was the media reporting the same info quite a few times, not much bashing and then of course fanboys on forums saying "lol no games" type rubbish just as we've seen for sony.

I think criticism for missing a important gaming event is fair for all 3 big companies who have a huge stake in the gaming market but being completely honest I think it makes strategic business sense for micro to focus more on markets they can have commercial success in.

Years ago I read an extensive survey about gaming preferences in Japan and about 90% of the public said they take pride in only owning a Japanese made console. Japan doesnt like foreign consoles, X1 could have every jrpg and niche title ps4 has and it would barely matter because Japanese gamers are extremely loyal when it comes to gaming= its like trying to sell American cigars to Cubans, why?

Minato-Namikaze1252d ago

Sony is going to gamescom. They just aren't having a conference.

FoxyGotGame1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I didn't do the PR for these companies friend, it's how it has been termed. 'Skipping'.

I'm sure Sony Reps. will be at Gamescom. Likewise, MS Reps. will be at TGS, but in 'traditional' terms they're still 'Skipping' the event.

Fancy a game of Chess? ;)

kraenk121252d ago

sony is not skipping gamescom...they just won't have a press conference.