Metal Gear Online Update 1.11 Available

The update is available by starting Metal Gear Online, at which time you will be prompted to download and install the update.


Something to note is that the MGO Rewards Shop is not up yet.

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I LOVE my xbox3526d ago

Not looking forward to downloading another 2 hour long update >_>
Hopefully it takes less time than the last one did.

Razmossis3526d ago

It takes about a minute total.

And it was out like 3days ago

Bubble Buddy3526d ago

Online updates don't work for me for some reason ><. Making me mad. WHY?

Will_Smith3526d ago

there hasn't been a 2 hour update since the BETA... you know what a Beta don't you right.

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PirateThom3526d ago

Hopefully this update moves MGO from Konami's servers, on to Sonys.

games4fun3526d ago

a man can dream, a man can dream

i still dont know why they dont do it have they released any info on why they dont?

PirateThom3526d ago

I'm guessing it's so they can get all the money from the add-on content, without paying commission to Sony and allowing them to charge for character slots... however, if the ID was unified and the content was downloaded from the store, they'd probably get more money overall, since more people wouldn't then be out of by the Konami ID nonsense.

Raoh3526d ago

LMFAO @ PirateThom

good one

TheColbertinator3526d ago

Konami has alot to answer for

Xbox360 Mujahid3526d ago

Ps2.5 is the work of satan !
the army of infidels known as droids must die

X360 FTW

ThatCanadianGuy3526d ago

Give up,your the most un-funny troll on this site.

PirateThom3526d ago

There's some fake trolls who are actually amusing.

Trying too hard makes it less funny.

Razmossis3526d ago

Omg, anyone who talks like that is either a child or just plain stupid

PirateThom3526d ago

Not to mention, it all falls apart when you drop the same style as your troll posts.

Overall, I'd give you 3/10

max-jeager3526d ago

imagine if ps3 is for u a ps2,5 and to all the people xbox 360 is xbox 1.5 (stated by ign, 1up,gametrailer,gamestop) iguess the only one wrong here is u
go back play some multiplats and pay for some online service that doesnt worth it
hey im sure u cant wait for ur crappy vmultiplats to come out this holidays

andrewf913526d ago

wow I giggled lol shows what life you have

THC CELL3526d ago

Xbox360 Mujahid

Did your dad build u a fake ps3 or something
i think he sent me some tips on building one u no

First u need a Sony ps2 add a 360 from x box and then u get a ps2.5
your dad ripped u off big time buy naming it a ps3 he should of called it a xbox 160 with sony hardware that plays ps2 games only

i suggest u go sell some more donkey meat and save for a real ps3 not home made one.

its funny u call a ps3 Satan lol its x boxs that makes fire..
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ThatCanadianGuy3526d ago

Your insulting me cause im Canadian? You know...

if i was to stoop to your level,i could say a whole lot about muslims and Arabs,but i wont.Cause im better then that.

Seriously,as i said.Just give up with the trolling.
Leave it to the professional nerds like POG,PP,crab and Breakfast.

SpecialSauce3526d ago

and who give a shyt if he is Canadian

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