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VGChartz's Joseph Trotter: "Arkham Knight is very close to being brilliant. Like its predecessors, it gets so much right; outstanding production values, superb combat, stunning graphics, and engrossing gameplay. Unfortunately, it is let down by a narrative lacking impetus and tension, a lack of focus, and an over-reliance on the impact of the Batmobile."

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TheLoCoRaven890d ago

I'll probably grab this when its cheaper with the DLC included. The batmobile and lack of many boss fights leaves me on the fence about it.

psplova890d ago

this game is so awesome. Batmobile sections aren't bothering me so far and I'm 50 percent through the main storyline and about 40 percent through the whole game a so far.

Tex117890d ago

The game is great, but I don't know....I felt the combat irritating by the end and had no interest in completting all the side quests.

I hate that you can't just keep moving the side quests along and have to wait for the next mission to pop up. Just let me play the damn game, especially when its just boring side quests (not the fun villian oneS).

That irritated me more than anything.