Blacks Ops III Gets Zombie Co-Op Mode 'Shadows Of Evil'

Activision has announced an all-new undead survival co-op mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops III called 'Shadows of Evil' during the San Diego Comic-Con

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BigBosss1226d ago

I missed the good old zombies, this doesn't seem to impress me :/

Crimzon1226d ago

It's kinda funny that for all the complaints the naysayers have about COD games being rehashed every year, the truth of the matter is that the COD games are actually far too different for many fans liking and a lot of people wish they were more like Modern Warfare 1 & 2.

bmwfanatic1226d ago

The naysayers are the minority. Cod will still be the best selling shooter this year. It's just the "in" thing to hate on cod.

Crazyglues1226d ago

Actually if you look pass all the commerical stuff you start to see the old game is there.

The glowing ammo box, the way you grab guns off the wall the team work to kill everything, the gumball machine just like the drinks giving random special powers..

-It looks like we will get the zombies we always wanted. /I'm excited for this one, it looks like it will be fun..

Treyach are the one's who do the zombies right, and this is an updated version, but back to the basics..

Can't wait.. Will indeed give it a shot. Looks really good.

VER1ON1226d ago

I just love co-op modes, blasting through zombies together is better than doing it by yourself. I'm up for it :)

starrman19851226d ago

I do wish they would make zombies as a standalone dlc (free with the full game of course) but I have no interest in the CoD campaign or multi-player anymore, zombies are the only thing that interest me! (in the franchise... I do have other interests!) This one does look a bit mental though haha

VER1ON1226d ago

You mean a playable COD Zombie game without having to purchase Black Ops III?

starrman19851226d ago

Ya, basically! Include it with every copy of BO3 but also provide an optional purchase for anyone just interested in the zombie mode.

spicelicka1226d ago

That would be awesome, but they will never do that because it's a big selling point for the whole game.

crazychris41241226d ago

Wow they really copied the tentacles powers from The Darkness series.

raWfodog1226d ago

It has my interest piqued so far. I'm going to be paying attention for more information. Zombies was my favorite mode in the original Black Ops. I still pop it in every now and then to play.