Eva Marie Shooting for WWE 2K16

Directly from her Instagram account Eva Marie confirmed with this photo that she is doing shooting for WWE 2K16, probably filming a commercial, meaning she will be for sure involved in the game in some way.

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likeaboss3021227d ago

She a terrible wrestler though. NXT has a bunch of attractive women that can wrestle. Not sure why WWE is so focused on her.

curtis921227d ago

Shooting what? How's she relevant in ANY way compared to any of the Women wrestlers on NXT?

roguedragon11227d ago

Dont know but she can shoot me anytime with whatever she wants!

Chinkyinc181227d ago

Lucha Underground is where it's at; where the females and males wrestler fight each other. WWE is solely focus on looks; there are much better female wrestlers in NXT, ones who are very acrobatically inclined.