TeamXbox: Zoids Assault Hands-On

Bay's recent movie has put Transformer toys back on the map for a new generation of kiddies and young-at-heart adults. TeamXbox has yet to see any rekindling of the love affair that those five people (come on, the Go-Bots were LAME) had with Go-Bots in the early '80s, but there is, however, some life left in the ZOIDS franchise. There have been some recent re-releases of the toys and a few anime series dedicated to the only playthings that we know of with a liger in its line-up.

Japanese game developer Atlus is about to up the interest in ZOIDS considerably in the U.S. market. In September, the States will see the release of ZOIDS Assault-an action/RPG based on the fantastic world of mechanized animals and insects from decades past.

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