Skewed And Reviewed Escape The Call Of Duty: Zombie Escape Room

Skewed and Reviewed have posted video and images of their escape from one of the Zombie Escape Rooms during their coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2015. The retro themed attraction tasked guests to solve puzzles and find objects to escape the advancing Zombies.

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DLConspiracy1168d ago

"I want to play Call of Duty yo...." - Guy in audience. lol

Garethvk1167d ago

The hot box was fun, nothing like putting you hands in a warm box where you do not know what is in there. Thankfully no hands grabbed us.

DLConspiracy1167d ago

Seemed like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

Garethvk1167d ago

You are welcome. There was another theme room I wanted to look at. We had press access but no line for one room but today there might be a wait