Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Gameplay (Xbox One) | Short Pause

Short Pause: "We got our hands on EA Sports' latest entry in their golf franchise, Rory McILroy PGA Tour. In this video we examine various game modes and play a round on Paracel Storm, a fantasy course based on the a map of the same name from Battlefield 4. Check out the video below and let us know in the comments if you're interested in picking up Rory McILroy PGA Tour when it launches next week!"

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DLConspiracy1174d ago

It's been awhile since I got to play a Golf Game. Probably going to pick this up. I'm glad that they give you 3 choices of controller options. 3 styles from the past to now.

TheDude791174d ago

It's not a bad game, some of the controls feel a little different compared to previous installments, but I'm really curious to see how fans of the series react to the lack of courses (20+ down to 12; 8 real & 4 fantasy) as well as some of the staple modes that are missing; many of which people really enjoyed (Clubhouse and custom tournaments). Unless those features aren't included in the Early Access version offered by EA and will appear on Day 1, it's really a bummer.

DLConspiracy1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Yeah I heard about the courses. It's actually 13 if you pre order. The extra course is TPC Scottsdale Arizona course. It will never be Tiger Woods 12..

TheBrit1173d ago

I pre-ordered and don't see the extra course so it's either there and hidden or it hasn't downloaded yet even though I got it 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Not totally sold on what I have played in EA Access Vault - still doesn't look remotely close the the graphics on

DLConspiracy1173d ago

It says it on all the pre-order pages but I'm not sure it's on EA access because that not a pre order.

3-4-51173d ago

* The only negative I've seen is how the ball rolls on the green.

Physics doesn't work like that...the ball doesn't just dead stop in the way it does in this video.

It can in real life, but it does so in a different way.

If they fix that, it's all good.

Still buying it eventually though.

tazmeah1173d ago

Yes, the ball physics look super weird in this game. Shots that stop on a dime in some instances, even if they're on a low trajectory. Weird.

dreadz741173d ago

Graphics look great! Never knew Kevin Smith was a gamer lol . Gunna download and try on EA access right now as they give you 10 hours of the full game to try. EA access is so worth the money!!

TheDude791173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

"Never knew Kevin Smith was a gamer" - Really? Come on man, I'm WAY fatter than Kevin Smith, LOL! I agree though, EA Access has been a pretty good deal; happy I subscribed! The discounts and early access, as well as the always increasing Vault are well worth it.

amnalehu1173d ago

I don't understand why it's not running at 60fps. This game was built with the same engine used in Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront so it should be more than capable of 60fps.

TheDude791173d ago

Yeah, it is strange, I mean some scenes look smooth, but for the most part this feels like maybe it's an unlocked 30? Tough to say, but like you said, if games like Battlefield and Battlefront can run at 60fps with all the things happening in those games, I have to believe they can make it happen in a golf game. Who knows though, maybe there is more going on then we know.

iistuii1173d ago

Battlefront has the same engine but remember to get 60fps they are knocking down the resolution to 900 or 720 to get it.

amnalehu1173d ago

Agreed, but you have a ball and ONE golpher.

thepluggy1173d ago

I'm on the fence bout this,only having 12 courses seems a bit lacking given this will be a full priced game,will probably wait till they add more with the free dlc (providing they don't say you will actually have to pay for it)

iistuii1173d ago

Well I was totally gutted. The gameplay isn't too bad, but wow those jaggies. This Frostbite engine just doesn't do AA. It's Alaising is so bad all the trees & grass are shimmering real bad. The golfer looks fine but the course looks terrible at times & to be honest it doesn't look much different to the 360 games back then. Battlefront will be as bad if not worse as it will be a lower res too so will make the Alaising worse.

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