GamesRadar: Siren: Blood Curse Review

If you want an absorbing horror story with some truly creepy set-pieces, it's well worth sampling the first three episodes. You may find an extended stay in Hanuda irresistible.

You'll love:
- Frying pans, axes and shotguns
- PS3's scariest game yet
- Bite-sized episodic content

- You'll hate:
- Not a massive leap from the original
- Defiantly slow-paced
- Episodes a little too bite-sized

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Playstation Man3707d ago

For an awesome survival horror game!

PoSTedUP3707d ago

yea this game is crack.

solidt123707d ago

Yeah man. I have been playing the hell out of this game every since I downloaded it. I am on a mission were i am playing as a little girl and it is scary because she can't attack. She is on some Solid Snake sneaking mission ish.

PoSTedUP3707d ago

yea lol, that was pretty difficult.

eagle213707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Next up, Ratchet: Quest for Booty and the controversially awesome Fat Princess. :)

PoSTedUP3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )



SIREN is BAD!ASS!. i f****** love it...

eagle213707d ago

How in the world did I forget SOCOM: Confrontation? Must have been high off the PSN pwnage... :)

KidMakeshift3707d ago

If anyone wants to buy the asian import (brand new, factory sealed) from me then let me know

I couldn't wait to play it so I just downloaded it instead of waiting for the game to arrive in the mail

CViper3707d ago

You'll love:
- Bite-sized episodic content

You'll hate:
- Episodes a little too bite-sized

Playstation Man3707d ago

Media quality of the finest sorts! Can't wait to see the contradiciting goods and bads of their KZ2 review next february.

I can see it now:

- Intense gameplay
- intelligent AI
- Amazing visuals
- Killer online

- Gameplay is run-of-the-mill FPS
- AI is lackluster
- Visuals are nothing we haven't seen before
- Online doesn't quite feel right


Yup, should be fun times pointing out the true 360 fansites calling themselves unbiased media huds come Feb 09.

pp3707d ago

Another one to add to the Flopstation

eagle213707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

PSN games > Live shovelware :)

Ali_The_Brit3707d ago

man your retarded, since when is 8/10 a flop?

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