PC Is The Second Most Successful Platform For Ubisoft In Q1 2015/16

Ubisoft has shared its sales figures for the fiscal quarter ended June 30th. And what’s really interesting here is that the PC platform has managed to top almost every other platform. While the PC was previously the fourth most successful platform, it is now the second most successful one, being only 4% behind PS4.

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Erik73571254d ago

Hopefully this means actual good ports in the future from them.

DevilOgreFish1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

when i Look at the division i wonder how much in the future are we talking about. It's a shame that the GTX680 was removed from being the back bone to the project.

And yet they had the audacity to say that the PC version wouldn't suffer.

I wonder about their structure as a company.

Erik73571254d ago

I saw it at e3, the whole game looked ugly and every texture was blurry. A lot of details are missing from it.
I have a gtx980 so I am pretty sure I would of been able to easily run the game they showed years ago...oh well....

mikeslemonade1254d ago

haha so much for mobile and the PC gamer apologists lol

Qrphe1254d ago

I doubt it. There is way more money to be made from browser and f2p games than console ports which usually require hardware better than your average laptop.

SunnyZ1254d ago

Hopefully it means no crappy ports at all!
Should mean games developed ON the PC FOR the PC!

None of this ported code nonsense.

LightofDarkness1254d ago

Most of every game's code can and should be ported where possible. Most of it is comprised of game logic, which remains the same regardless of platform. I imagine the problem isn't so much porting of game logic but hasty releases, where certain configuration elements have been left unchecked and the game is largely untested on release.

MEsoJD1254d ago

That's surprising because their shitty Uplay software that they force you to install drove me away.

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Zero1091254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

The only reason is because steam refunds wasn't in effect. I guarantee the Arkham Knight fiasco would have been the same for FC4 and definitely AC Unity.

GreetingsfromCanada1254d ago

This was about the most recent Quarter in which Ubisoft released 0 AAA games. That's probably why PC sales were so high compared to last.

SunnyZ1254d ago

ACU, yes, was garbage, but FC4 what?
Game ran flawlessly for me on PC...

JazMac341253d ago

Flawless is in the eye of the beholder, pre-patch at least the game suffered from massive frame rate hitching when moving fast in vehicles and the game had to have the worst mouse acceleration I've ever seen in a game to date which at the time was a bitch to turn off completely requiring some serious effort in editing directory files.

aquaticDonut1254d ago

I have no illusions that that Ubisoft will continue to treat PC gamers like criminals regardless of this news.