Baldur’s Gate is getting an expansion nearly 17 years after its original 1998 release

Who says it's never too late for an expansion? Beam Dog is creating new content for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition -- 17 years after the original game's release.

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ONESHOTV21227d ago

i have played so any Baldur’s Gate games from GBA gamecube ps2 and now pc never get boring... they are hard to master some times though lol

MasterCornholio1227d ago

Well I guess people can't accuse it of coming out to soon.


I really enjoyed the game.

KryptoniteTail1227d ago

Great, now port to PS4/Vita.

ONESHOTV21227d ago

i don't think BG 1&2 would work on the ps4. it would be just as hard on the vita but the vita has a touch screen so it would be better than the ps4. any ways you would need a version like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance type were you can only control one person.