Black Ops III Juggernog edition sold out on Amazon

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Juggernog edition has completely sold out on Amazon for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, preorders have now opened at GAME for those in the UK who want to buy the collector's edition.

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SmielmaN1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Got mine on as soon as I got the "edge" member first chance to preorder. This is such a unique set! I haven't recalled ever getting a 12 can beer fridge modeled after a in game item dispenser with a video game. Hilarious! Lol

Crazay1133d ago

I had it in cart and was about to buy it because I need a new mini fridge but opted out when I saw it only holds 12 cans. I make my own beer and each batch which needs to be refrigerated is about 80 cans. Too bad. I would have loved this in the man cave

SmielmaN1133d ago

Ya it's not huge. I was thinking it could go behind my bar on top of my mini fridge as a decorative piece but to guest it would *surprise* that's a fridge. Lol. Plus I'm a nerd and have to have stuff like this!

showtimefolks1133d ago

For all the talk about cod slowing down, each entry keeps bring the fastest to billion plus made in sales in 24-48 hours

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neocores1133d ago

Got 2 pre-ordered cu gamstop said their shit was dwn for it in store

KryptoniteTail1133d ago

Juggernog? Is CoD going off the deep end being ridiculous now?