Gears of War 2 and 3 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Being Looked Into; Info on Ultimate Edition

During a panel at San Diego Comic Con The Coalition developers, including Studio Head Rod Fergusson answered quite a few questions about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the whole franchise.

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yarbie10001255d ago

Thought MS already said all 1st party games will be BC. I'm grabbing Gears 3 on 360 during GWG cause i'm pretty sure i'll be able to eventually play it on XBO

Bigpappy1255d ago

I want to replay 2. I love that Bow in 2 so much.

Rookie_Monster1255d ago

Yup, it was already confirmed by the lead engineer of the BC emulator during a Major Nelson interview that all first party games, with the exception of Kinect games, will be made BC. Also, someone with a keen eye spotted these X360 titles shown on the E3 stage when BC was announced and both Gears one and Gears 2 were there. No doubt Gears 3 will follow shortly after the Fall launnch.


I don't understand why MS simply can't just put them on there without any confusion, questions and speculation. If it is as easy as they say it is (devs just have to approve) then why isn't there more MS games in the beta?

Something doesn't seem right!

mkis0071255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Some publishers likely want seconds. Why should they allow for free bc when they can release a remaster? Heck, to one of these publisher psnow is more agreeable.

It's publishers not devs that decided (whoever holds the rights)

Microsoft put a lot of publishers on the spot with announcing that the bc only requires permission, I am sure some are not 100% thrilled.

Rookie_Monster1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Disagree tbh. You can't compare this with PS Now. PS Now uses the Netflix model. It is essentially a member paying $20 or $15 a month to gain access to a catelog of games and publisher get pennies if they were to include their games on the PS Now. That is why you don't see many third party games on that service because essentially by making it available on PS Now, people that subscribe to that service will affect sales of these PS3 games.

On the other hand, all MS is doing with BC is adding more hardware for publisher to sell old games. It doesn't affect old X360 players that already paid and bought the game and it will only benefit these publishers when more X360 owners upgrade to the XB1 due to BC so they'll have more customers to sell their new XB1 games to in the future. ALSO, it provide a great opportunity for these older X360 games to catch a second wind in sale simply by making them avaliable on the marketplace as a digital game for sales to new xbox 1 owners that had never played those X360 games.

mkis0071254d ago

I like this new you mr monster, not obtuse like before. I had forgotten about the availability of the games on live for purchase, for a small fee.

Rookie_Monster1254d ago

Hey, I have been just misunderstood, that is all. I always make good post and arguments and have links and answers to back up what I say..most of the time. ;)

RedDeadLB1255d ago

".. and on Windows at a later time."

Damn it.