Sony responds to fans calling for a #BetterPSN

Sony tells GamesBeat that it is listening to you.

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ColManischewitz1230d ago

My question is whether PSN has structural issues, or if it faces so many DDoS attacks that it can't effectively defend itself.

yarbie10001230d ago

It's not missing so many features that are standard on XBL due to DDoS

The slow download speeds many run into every day aren't the result of DDoS attacks

And I don't think the PSN system has gone down 9 times in 5 weeks due to DDoS

Rimeskeem1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

It hasnt gone down 8 times in 5 weeks.... at least, it's only gone down for me like twice at most.

Seriously, that guy is known to be a hardcore xbox fanboy. If PSN has gone 9 times in the past 5 weeks, it certainly hasnt affected everyone.

did you edit the comment to say don't or is that a typo

also, just look at this

they both have their problems

yarbie10001230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Proof its gone down 8 times in 5 weeks.

And it went down last night which makes 9.

Majin-vegeta1230d ago

Lol way to link to your own video.

Also out of all those times only once I wasnt able to log in which is the outage that happend the other day.Just cuz someone reports it;s down doesnt meant it's for everyone.

extermin8or1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Ummm psn has been down once and had some sisues for like half an hour in past month... Seems more likely your internet service providr is to blame for your issues.... Also I bet you complin about parts of the network going down for a few hours (like account management etc) for the maintenance work and upgrades to servers etc that are meant to prevent future problems and keep the service running aswell despite the advance notice they give of these events.)

kevnb1230d ago

DDoS attacks take services down.

Genuine-User1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Notice how most of the complaints are from shady characters. Lol
Reading some of the stuff here is pure gold. So much concern :p

KevWriter1230d ago

And heeeeeres Yarbie! Right on cue.

Rookie_Monster1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Wow, nice video find there yarbie. I would have never know PSN went down that many times within a 5 week windows for some people as I never experienced that many times when I logged in to the network over that time span. I am on PSN almost everyday playing Bloodborne, Helldivers, MK X, and NBA 2k15 for the past months and I only been down like once during that time span for like 30 minutes as far AS I can recalled. I don't think this affect everyone as maybe it is regional or specific Internet provider that is the cause of it from players to players. PSN have always been pretty stable for me.

xHeavYx1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

"I would have never know PSN went down that many times within a 5 week windows"
Made up numbers don't count.
Yarbie linking a video to that Red Dragon guy shows how "serious" he is. That YT channel bashes Sony as much as Mr. X.

fr0sty1230d ago

Gotta love the fact that most of those requests aren't even PSN related, like organizing the library which is a firmware issue, as is the notifications when people come online. The "Other bug fixes" was the part that cracked me up the most. When you can't even specify what it is you are complaining about, it's time to STFU.

Pogmathoin1230d ago

Occasionally I get a log in error with Xbox live, buut it works on second attempt, but lately have noticed PSN having many login attempts to get on..... Maybe just my end or serious issues??

IndieMonth1230d ago


That's not proof. Sites report downtimes all the time when nothing is down. They do the same thing with XBL.

PSN has issues, but that video just tries to make it look much worse than it is.

ShinMaster1230d ago

@ yarbie1000

"missing so many features"

...which are?

And I don't think you know how DDoS attacks can affect networks. Of course they slow down network performance.

showtimefolks1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


On every ps4 article you never ever say anything positive. If you dislike the ps4 so much, why not don't click on the article and just read Xbox one articles

I wonder how you have all these bubbles?

Also good posting links of your own videos, seriously why so salty?


Please don't. Many of us know your hateful comments towards ps4. So don't try to be deceiving.

What sort of people who don't plan on buying a ps4 keep making comments on every ps4 article. I mean get the console first than if you actually have issues than talk


donthate1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

The reasons given for betterPSN is kind of lame. I mean, sure they are convenient, but hardly enough to start a movement. Sure Xbox Live has those things and it is nice, but again minor polish really. PSN lacks in other areas way more behind the competition.

What I would react on, which I see nobody questioning, and instead focus on resolution that is barely noticeable if at all, is the lack of promise of REAL dedicated server on multiplayer games.

Not that BS proxy servers (they call dedicated servers) between P2P connection that actually degrades the service to below P2P service.

Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself directly from Sony:

"What is Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer network structure like?
Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world. These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients, forwarding network traffic from one player in game to all other players in game. This allows people with a slower connection or strict firewall settings to play without issues. Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4, with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality."

Demand that you get REAL dedicated servers on all first party games on PSN from Sony like on Xbox Live!!!

Dee_911230d ago

really?... Talk about completely taken out of context lol.

Not sure how this got twisted into an issue with maintenance downtime.Judging by the request, downtime wasn't the reason for this hashtag.The only person who drew that conclusion was the author of this article..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1230d ago

It hasn't gone down 9 times in the past 5 weeks. PSN was completely down 4 times in the last 90 days and had issues with Playstation Now 3 times in the last 90 days. The 9 times figure is completely MADE UP.

CantBeStopped1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


You know yarbie just saying random things and making up supposed numbers does not make it a fact. By the way many standard features that have been a part of PS4 since its launch are either not on xbxo or have only recently became available on xbxo so lets try putting your bias aside for a moment and be fair when it comes to the complaints about the consoles.

Milkshake1230d ago

As usual, yarbie and his nonsense!
I wonder how you got all those bubbles! Did you hack the site or something?!

sinspirit1230d ago

You are counting scheduled maintenance times.

Whatever pushes your numbers, right?

freshslicepizza1230d ago

now that sony collects revenue off of playstation plus for online multiplayer (ps4) they should be re-investing into it's infrastructure. it's also very odd how it is unable to notify you of when friends come online or the ability to hide your status if you want. those are some pretty basic features now.

1nsomniac1230d ago

Haha only Sony fanboys could be shown the proven evidence & still claim it's not true. Hysterical. Kind of makes me sad that I'm a playstation gamer. You lot ruin it for the rest of us. All we want is the service we pay for.

Like I said the other day, we all use a verity of different online subscription services everyday & yet no one can name a single one that performs worse than PSN. Yet you apologists are still stupid enough to fight the corner for a company you have absolutely no relation to. You're a corperates wet dream you suckers!

TRS_Gear1230d ago

I can't help but laugh at some of this comments.

People, wake up!

This isn't about sony vs (insert name here), this is about getting what you are paying for. Unbelievable how brain washed some of these folks are.

You are defending a company for charging you for mediocre service.

This is the gentle kick in the but Sony needed.

N4g_null1230d ago

Sony better get this right or offer a free service. They are leaving the door wide open for ms and Nintendo.

Hype is cool but 350 dall or later it better work. Oh well time for some splatoon. Good luck with your paid service. Sony should give you a free month or two then.

DragonKnight1230d ago

To the people talking about how you pay a fee for this service and so should be getting *insert feature here*

Paying for what you get means different things to different people. I pay $50 a year for PS+ and I use it to play online. That's all I'm interested in, so I'm getting what I pay for. You can't claim that the lack of *insert feature here* means the fee is not justified just because it's a feature YOU want and are used to from another service.

Other services have other features they prioritize. It doesn't mean that any other service is more or less because they don't prioritize YOU and what YOU want because of things you've been used to elsewhere. Get over yourselves.

kreate1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

i dont care about any of those 'issues'. those are just nitpicking.

its like me trying to play starcraft but sometimes blizzard doesnt got their shit together so i cant play. the stock market exchange went down for several hours due to a glitch. china hacked the US military patriot system and stole the blueprint. sony's psn going down here and there is industry standard.

i just want sony to fix their ps3 psn store. cuz that store is broken and its been broken for a long time.

and if its possible, xbox live should drop that paywall so sony can follow suit. however this will never happen due to the fanboys.

gangsta_red1229d ago

Can anyone dispute Yarbie with their own links saying otherwise, or do we just call him a liar, close our eyes and say it's all not true?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1229d ago


"Can anyone dispute Yarbie with their own links"

Yes. Here's a link to a thread called "The 30 day online network comparison thread: Xbox Live vs PSN."

The thread began May 17th 2015 and ended June 14 2015 and this is the last post that was relevant to the comparison:

"Final Day Of The Comparison
Day 30
Sunday June 14th 2015
4:55 am EST North America

Current Status of PSN
All Services are up and running

Current Status of Xbox Live
Xbox Live Core Services up and running
Purchase and Content Usage up and running
Website up and running
TV, Music and Video up and running
Social and Gaming up and running

For those of you who haven't been following this thread, PSN went down twice and had an issue with Playstation Now.

Xbox Live had social and gaming issues for 27 consecutive days affecting the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One for only 2 days."

Now Yarbie claims that PSN went Down 9 times over the past 5 weeks which would mean From July 10th to June 10th, Yarbie claims that PSN went down 9 times. It went down twice in June, so that would mean that PSN went down 7 times between June 14th and July 10th, which is absolute and pure FICTION!

thereapersson1229d ago

Yarbie with so many bubbles... and people call this a Sony site.

SilentNegotiator1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I bet at LEAST 50% of this hashtag "movement" is being perpetuated by trolls like a certain troll trying to convince us that PSN has been "down 8 times" in 5 weeks...

fiveby91229d ago

IMO, I think often times the download speeds are related to poor provider networks from the likes of Comcast etc. I have fantastic performance with PSN compared to a friend of mine who has Comcast. We often compare results at teh very same time and I have fine performance and he does not. In cases like that I consider it poor provider performance. Perhaps some providers have poorly architect ed networks? Maybe they QoS certain sites and give lover priority to some sites? I know this may not be legal but perhaps they do it just the same. I don't know. But in my experience my I most often experience excellent PSN performance while others at the same time do not.

Pogmathoin1229d ago

Reaper, xheavy, loaded with bubbles, pure Ms hatred....... Your point is?

ChronoJoe1229d ago

I download off of PSN at 2-4mb/s. 2gb takes about 10minutes. I never understand the complaints about download speed.

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PC_601230d ago ShowReplies(5)
uth111230d ago

It seems like a number of major sites have been targetted recently, including NYSE, United, WSJ yesterday, and some other sites before that. PSN has had a rough patch in the past week or two. We know that Sony has been targeted by a certain government recently.

It wouldn't surprise me if it turns out they have been targeted.

iceman061230d ago

Not to mention the IRS, Social Security Administration, and the agency that administers background checks. All of which have been credited to "a certain government".

AndrewLB1229d ago

Don't go blaming me. I didn't vote for bath house Barry in either election.

It's amazing that Homeland Security would list "right-wing extremists" as a more pressing threat to the nation that Iran, ISIS, Russia, or Al Qaeda. What a f**k.

ReconHope1230d ago

So Sony's response to feedback is to use their share blog website. That's hilarious At least, this twitter campaign is getting attention hasn't got one approved new idea for the last 40+ day. Since playstation moderators are behind the approval process than it draws attention to the biased nature to the whole system.

Who's to say they aren't just approving ideas that they know will make them money. I submitted a basic idea for subtitle support for the new media players(for the hearing impaired and preferred audience) and have yet to hear anything back.

IndieMonth1230d ago

So hilarious. I mean, let's ignore that a lot of the most requested features on that list have been implemented since it went up.

Just hilarious.

ReconHope1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

An idea has to get approved by Playstation Mods before they are even allowed to get voted on by the public on I'm just going to throw it out there that an idea hasn't been approved for the past 45 days on playstation blog share. I'm not saying the ps4 hasn't been making some strides with current firmware updates but they should loosen their policy on moderating ideas.

Of the 18 Ideas in Action for The PS4 Here are A couple
1.PS1 Grey PS4- Limited Edition PS4
2.FUNimation App
3.Bring Dynamic Themes to PS4
4.PS4 Live Events app
5.PLEX app for PS4
6.Spotify app for PS4
7.Youtube App

Alot of these are meh and don't really push PS4 features but more so push the ps4 as a media center to make money for sony.

aLucidMind1230d ago

I would bet it's a structural issue, I doubt it's being DDoS-ed this much or often. This is a recurring theme, after all; their overall response doesn't mesh too well, either.

"Thank you for the feedback... doesn't mean we'll do anything, but thank you"-- Love, Corporate

Is what most will hear at this point.

3-4-51229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

* We aren't all 14, how about speaking to us like adults Sony. Try using words, instead of pop-culture memes.

* Appologizing via what's trendy, doesn't really instill a lot of trust....It's kind of arrogant actually.

At least they recognize the concerns though, I just wish they would be more professional about it.

Your not OUYA.

1229d ago
1229d ago
1229d ago
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FallenAngel19841230d ago

Nice to hear that Sony listens to constructive criticism

Sureshot1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

There's Listening and Doing. Sony isn't good at the latter

Summons751230d ago

Sorry they can't snap their fingers or wave a magic wand for you but you have to realize locating the problem and finding a way to fix it and make sure that fix won't screw anything else up takes time, that's the reality.

TwoForce1230d ago

Step by Step. No Rushing. It's not like Sony can wave magic.

DragonKnight1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Do you have any idea of the logistics involved in some of these requests? The cloud requests alone would probably take almost as much time as the CDN request. It requires buying servers, having place to put those servers, effectively linking them to the service, all of that costs time and money. Instant gratification age. If it doesn't happen this second, it's too long.

iceman061230d ago

Yet, somehow, the features that have been most asked for are being added to the console!?! Strange from someone that "isn't good at the latter".

Sureshot1230d ago

If you're paying they better be rushing.

And what features are those?

TwoForce1230d ago

In reality, it not that simple. Sony is not like Microsoft which company update a every months. Sony update their console like 1 or 3 months.

Jaqen_Hghar1230d ago

A man seems to remember them doing a lot to keep used games and offline the standard on consoles

Volkama1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@Jaqen_Hghar they're doing a lot to keep consoles offline as standard alright. That's one of the key reasons for #betterpsn


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-Foxtrot1230d ago

Good to hear because it's becoming a little bit of a joke

I hope they get the PS1 games on the store aswell.

TKCMuzzer1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Maybe it's me but I have very few PSN issues. Even over the last few weeks I have had no trouble signing in and playing online. Maybe it's because I only go on at certain times.

Anyway, I'm quite relaxed about it all, the internet is a mixed bag across the globe and I don't really envy any company that has to keep a constant 24hr service online. It does seem that some sites on the web do over exaggerate the issue for effect though.

ifistbrowni1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

if you don't have all day everyday to be on PSN, it seems like a non-issue. I haven't had PSN down once since Christmas. I'm not claiming the service hasn't been down once, I'm only saying that I'm never around when its down.

If the service improves, then awesome. I envy a lot of the people here on N4G that have all the time in the world to sit on a gaming website. To think some of these same people have to go a Day without playing video games... I'm surprised they make it in life.

ZaWarudo1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

That's good news. Hope to hear something soon, maybe PSX? if they do another PSX.

TwoForce1230d ago

They did said it if people like their way doing it.

DialgaMarine1230d ago

PSX is far better than E3, in my honest opinion. It's Sony's show, so they can show off whatever they want, and as much of it as they want, without worrying about trying to compete with other companies for the limelight. It's just Playstation, and it's awesome.

OldDude1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


So you're saying it's a great show because they can show off their products with nothing to compare them to? Interesting thought.

Skate-AK1230d ago

There will be another PSX. They said they are going to make it an annual event.

susuFOX1230d ago

I sure hope so, I am worry because this E3 was dubbed 'PlayStation E3 Experience'.