Media Molecule hits little big time

Game developer Media Molecule have gone from promising start-up to one of the pillars of the PlayStation empire in two years - and all before ever releasing a game.

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pwnsause3648d ago

ROFL its that BBC guy again

niall773648d ago

MM only has about 30 employees.

no wounder it took so long to make LBP

TheHater3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

The only have 27 member at their studio

Bombibomb3648d ago

Sony should buy them before it's too late.

MazzingerZ3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

It's possible to come from such as small studio because of the same reason is taking time: SONY is an old wolf in the gaming business, they can see quality, they know about games, smell the potential and have PATIENCE, big games take time to be developed... while MSFT is spending millions on getting games that are published anyway on the PS3, the PS3 is getting those games for free which allow them to invest money instead in creating new franchises

By the time MSFT manages to get a developer go multiplatform, SONY has already created 2 more franchises...who do you think will get tired first?

Lifendz3648d ago

this game were coming to the Wii. Imagine if it were coming to 360. I think it would be even more embraced than it is now. As is, the Nintendo die hards don't want to acknowledge it and the 360 fanboys state it's too different with too small an install base on PS3 to do anything.

Buy the studio, Sony....before this group creates something similiar and it goes multi-plat.

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Nitrowolf23648d ago

that still amazing. Look at warhawk, didnt it start out with a lot of people and eventually allot of them left? idk if that true but its a great game is it not?

Bombibomb3648d ago

Warhawk was great fun and now Incognito are working on another PS3 game code named "HARDWARE2".

rebirthofcaos3648d ago

so true also i cant wait to play ad create my own levels

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The story is too old to be commented.