Death Match: Apple IPhone 3G VS Samsung Tocco

iPhone killer: Can the Tocco take down the Apple?

First up in the battle royale of phones is the Samsung Tocco. Touchy, tiny and with a slightly pretentious name, on paper it could take the 3Gesus phone down to Chinatown.

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Sega Saturn3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Samsung wins!

Samsung are the world leader in consumer electronics! Along with LG, Samsung continue to provide consumers with quality products at affordable prices. This has been so for the last 6 years, Japanese companies are not even in competition, with inferior products at extortionate prices.

Also, Apples entire consumer base are trendy yuppies with far too much money.

psycho3603712d ago

LOL Are you Zhuk's brother or some relative from korea? Sound just like him.

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3713d ago

the only death here is going to be for samsung..... apple offers too much in terms of integration and whatnot

Premonition3712d ago

That and samsung doesnt have a userbase like apple does because apple has been around for years and have plenty of fans behind them in terms of product, samsung to me is much rather known for their TV's and or Hard drives and not much for their phones.

resistance1003712d ago

The Iphone 3G really is the best phone i have ever owned.

Its easy to use, and i really do recomend it to everyone, especially for those in the UK since you can get a far better deal here, than the US is getting

azmanmanz3712d ago

In my opinion.. both iphone and Samsung can't compee nokia... I owned nokia N82 and it's much good & better

SuperSaiyan43712d ago

Obviously someone who is jealous that the Xbox 360 is superior thanks to its better games, graphics and online etc.

Anyways dont compare the Tocco its complete garbage, you all need to check out the new Samsung Omnia (i900)

codeazrael3712d ago

Ever since iPhone came on the scene, even though touchscreen phones existed before the iPhone, companies have bombarded the market with socalled iPhone killers. But what these companies and people are failing to realize is that the iPhone should not be categorized as just a phone, but as a mini computer. Now ask yourself, why does PC dominate over Mac in terms of sales and appeal??? It's because of software, and ever since the app store launched, that opened the door to unlimited opportunities for the iPhone and people that own one. I write this while I am listening to Aol internet radio, one of the FREE apps I downloaded onto my iPhone. Now you Nokia and Samsung advocates know this: it is not just about hardware. You can come out with a much better phone than the iPhone in terms of hardware features, but just as with PC vs. Mac, 360 vs. PS3, iPhone vs. the world, it is going to take software, and the platform for devs to be able to freely develop applications for ANY of these other phones out there trying to compete with the iPhone to really compete at all. Even in Steve Jobs keynote address when he first introduced the iPhone, he acknowledged that the iPhone and what it could do required more than just hardware, it required strong partnerships with other companies to make the iPhone what it is. Bottomline, besides the iPhone living up mostly to all the hype (still no flash, stereo bluetooth) no other phone has a prayer of stacking up against the iPhone unless it offers a dev kit and an app store where free and paid apps are available, and even then you gotta have devs interested in your hardware to even get a small fraction of the apps already available on iPhone's app store.

P.S. How many touchscreen phones does this make that Samsung is trying come out with to battle the iPHone???

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