Ubisoft Speaks Out in Favor of Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. During a post-earnings financial call this morning, said that the new Xbox One feature is "very good news for the industry." He applauded what it means for consumers to be able to revisit their library despite jumping forward in console technology, but he also mentioned what it means for Ubisoft. "It will help some of the brands, like Splinter Cell for us, come to Xbox One, which is great," he said.

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Rimeskeem1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Let's hope Sony soon follows.

Fro_xoxo1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Why would Sony do that?

When they can re-master GOW3 and Uncharted collection..Not saying there's anything wrong with remasters.

as for everything else, just stream it. . for a price.

I wouldn't provide backward compatibility because it'll disrupt the profit of the PS NOW and Remasters.

Just business.. at our expense.

Rimeskeem1227d ago

So are you saying I shouldnt hope that Sony may allow BC on the PS4?

1227d ago
d_g1226d ago

"as for everything else, just stream it. . for a price."

why not just stream it for free like microsoft did with Backwards Compatibility?

4Sh0w1226d ago

"It will help some of the brands, like Splinter Cell for us, come to Xbox One, which is great," he said.

= Splinter Cell Conviction confirmed for Xbox One.

u4one1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Because why should you have to repay for games you already own? The latest remasters are barely even remastered at that. The new GOW remaster footage shows its clearly just a port running at a higher res. That's not a remaster, that's just rendering more pixels of the same game. Beyond that you'd have to hope that studios remaster the games you still want to play and then wait for them to actually be made... Or... Put in the disc you already own.

Ahmay1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

BC would be nice to have on ps4, I will always welcome new features... but I own a ps4 and a ps3, so for ME it dont matter! Sure it would be nice to only have one console.. but ps3 still get games from ps+. . thats y i still have one.... BC will reduce the amount of games we get. i think..everything cost money, but BC does seem to be the cheaper way.

Docknoss1226d ago

Yeah just swindle people's money for a Game that could be free with backwards compatibility. It's policies like this that will let ms gain support.

rainslacker1226d ago

What do remasters have to do with anything? If the Xbox gets BC this holiday, and the GeOW1 remaster, then why would it affect anything?

BC does require that you own the original game, and many people do not own their original games anymore after so long.

WitWolfy1226d ago

To be dead honest I bought a xbox one 2 days ago because of the BC announcement.

Fro_xoxo1226d ago

that was from Sony's perspective. .

The point is, you can forget about native BackComp ever happening on PS4 for the reasons I stated above.

I look forward to BC this fall on the console that I own, XO.

JackStraw1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Gamers seem to be completely clueless on this subject. People seem to think Remasters and BWC are in the same playing field; they aren't.

As for people making the "I shouldn't have to rebuy a game I own" argument: You aren't being forced to buy a game you already own. If you sold your console, that is entirely your fault.

It's like me being upset at Sony for not having PS2 emulation in the PS4. So only the most recent generation matters now? Why not have BWC for original Xbox games too? Yeah, Sony, one-up MS and just add PS1/PS2 emulation as well, otherwise you're wrong for making me have to buy PSNow to play those games even though you didn't make me sell my old consoles!

I must be the only person who truly doesn't care about BWC, even though it's a great feature to have, and an awesome addition to X1.

I'm a techie, I'm someone that's always fascinated with new tech, new games, new ideas being brought to life by great devs. So for me, I want to see new things, and if they make a Remaster of an old 4th-6th gen game, I'm totally for that because it allows me to personally experience those games in a different light. I'm not so much for Remasters of last-gen games. There isn't going to be a ridiculously new experience between them. It is, however, a nice way for people who didn't have the opposite-brand console last-gen to play those AAA games now, which ultimately will create fans of those series invoking commitment and increasing their install bases. BWC... not so much.

Nevertheless, still a great feature. I simply wish people would stop comparing the two like they're on the same spectrum.

SilentNegotiator1226d ago

Because remasters = BC, right?


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mokkeyrg21227d ago

they have ps now for that bro

Rimeskeem1227d ago

I would prefer normal BC and not have to pay.

RJ920091226d ago

Yeah I would also love normal bc. My ps3 plays ps2 and ps1 games and I was really hoping my ps4 would play ps3 ,ps2,ps1 games it would be epic. Also I hope the Xbox one adds support for the original Xbox to that would be amazing. I own way to many games so the fewer systems hooked up to my tv the better.

u4one1226d ago

It's not the same and you have to pay for it and get less quality and lag I top of it. This is assuming your internet connection is fantastic of course

Sayai jin1226d ago

That's not the same. One is free as long as you own the game the other is a pay to play service.

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Rookie_Monster1226d ago

This pretty much confirmed all the AC X360 games, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Far Cry 2 and 3 are playable on XB1. That is all the UBisoft games that matters to me as I still have those games on disc.

WitWolfy1226d ago

Well it depends how high on the list those games are for them to be converted to begin with.

Rookie_Monster1226d ago

I don't see Rainbow Six Vegas 1 or 2 too high on the list, and Ubisoft is even giving those 2 free via BC with this year's Rainbow Six. :)

uth111226d ago

Most people believe the PS3 is too complex for the PS4 to emulate at full speed.

Maybe we'll get PS1/PS2 compatibility, that's about it.

1226d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1226d ago

I'm just curious to know if Sony can put a virtual PS3 in the PS4's OS? Is it really the PS3's hard architecture?

mkis0071226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


It actually was. Specifically for the cost and Energy ( only 10% of the normal solution)

"The Air Force says it believes the Condor Cluster currently holds the spot as the 35th- or 36th-fastest computer in the world" (2010)

Angelic - from what I hear it would be difficult to translate the spu/spe's of the ps3 into an emulator; to duplicate them would require more raw power. That is, as far as I know, the most difficult part about it. The 360 used a tri-core processor which probably is responsible for allowing bc.

uth111226d ago

@AngelicDiamond- a software emulator can be written for pretty much anything. But the host machine has to be significantly faster than the emulated one to run the emulation at full speed. Not many people will want to play PS3 BC if it only manages to run at say 60-70% of a real PS3

Even Xbox One BC struggles to run some games well enough according to Digital Foundry

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hkgamer1226d ago

I really cannot see PS4 emulating PS3 games at all, seems a little too complicated of a system for it to work natively and they also spent a lot of money on PSnow.

I would like to see PS1/PS2 because there is no excuse why it cannot emulate it natively similarly to how a PC does it. obviously basic emulation would still be great but if we get widescreen hacks, AA, whatever other crap PCSX2 can do then that would be amazing.

WitWolfy1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Remember the Xbox one isnt really emulating the game to begin with. They basically recreated the entire NXE dash then made it so that those downloaded 360 games run along side with it.

So in other words the downloaded 360 game never goes through any emulation processes that put strain on the hardware..

It's like a PS2 disc, they weren't capable of running on PS3 machines that didnt have BC. But magically could when downloaded digitally. Not thanks to Emulation.. Just converted accordingly.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

hkgamer1226d ago


I believe that at that time the PS3 was actually capable of emulating PS2 via software. some games might have needed a patch though, which was why so many PS2 games ran perfectly(?). Think this was confirmed when hackers made PS2 backwards compatibility available for PS3 consoles that had no PS2 hardware.

The new Xbone should be emulating Xbox, but it will need to patch games to make them work, which is probably why we need to download the whole game.

JackStraw1226d ago

PCSX2 barely does it, and with poor accuracy & efficiency. PS2 emulation is harder than it sounds. It takes a lot of time and work, and it's just not worth the risk of making it a priority over PSNow.

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NeoGamer2321226d ago

It is good that Ubisoft is looking at this in a positive light. Hope all publishers do the same!

I really like the "buy this gen game, get the last gen games free" idea.

I've played a few games on X1, and so far this feature is top notch!

Grown Folks Talk1226d ago

Makes sense. They still sell new 360 games, & there's plenty of people who only buy new.

oSHINSAo1226d ago

Going full backwards, makes games left on stores could sell, so developers couldn´t be more worried if they are getting some extra cash, and lets hope we see more new IPs and Sequels, this gen it'll be remember as the Remasters/Remake Gen

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